7 stylish loafers for spring and summer

stylish loafers for men

The most stylish and versatile shoes of the summer are loafers. We’ve already touched on the subject with a story on the shoe model, featuring some of the best-looking loafers on the market. Here, we bring you more stylish loafers for spring and summer 2022.

The name of most models of loafers are Penny loafers and Tassel loafers. What is especially good about this shoe model is that they work for very many situations during the summer. They go with everything from jeans and chinos to suits at summer parties.

Classic shoe models for men

Stylish loafers for spring and summer

Below we have listed stylish loafers for spring and summer 2022. There are both classic and new models that have arrived this year. Further down you will also find style tips on how to dress stylishly with loafers.

1. Crockett & Jones – authentic British quality

best loafers for men

One of the most classic models of loafers on the market is the Cavendish model from the English shoe manufacturer Crockett & Jones. These Tasselloafers are made by hand in their factory in Northampton.

The model is available in 5 different colours, ranging from suede to leather. Each pair of shoes from Crockett & Jones takes eight weeks to make and involves over 200 separate steps! Something that says a lot about the shoe craftsmanship.

2. Loake 1880 – court supplier to the British court

best stylish loafers for men

Another distinguished British brand that offers a wide range of high quality loafers is British court supplier Loake 1880. Here too you will find several models of the same Tassel Loafers as at Crockett & Jones. Here, however, we focus on the models of suede penny loafers recently launched in the Loake Lifestyle line.

This is a sub-line with simpler designs and a slightly more affordable price. This line offers an alternative to the classic welted sole, but with the same elegant design and quality.

3. G.H. BASS Weejuns – classic penny loafers

nicest classic loafers

The Weejuns from G.H. Bass & Co. is one of the most classic shoes on the market. This is despite the fact that it is relatively unknown among Swedes. G.H. Bass & Co. was founded by George Henry Bass in 1876 and the first moccasin was launched back in 1906.

In 1936, the first model of Weejuns came on the market and the shoes became very popular in the preppy fashion in the USA during the 1950s and 1960s.

Despite its relatively cheap price tag, this is a model designed to last a very long time thanks to the rubber sole and strong leather upper. Weejuns are available as both classic Penny Loafers and Tassel Loafers.

4. Santoni – Italian shoe craftsmanship

santoni best loafers for men

Italy is known as the country where every man has at least one pair of loafers in his wardrobe. In Italy, you will also find one of the top shoe manufacturers on the market in the form of Santoni.

In the picture you can see a pair of handmade as well as durably sewn tassello loafers with suede uppers. Santoni as a shoe brand is steeped in tradition and authenticity with a passion for detail and quality.

5. Edward Green – shoes of the highest quality

best loafers for men

One of the highest status shoe brands on the market is Edward Green. Here you have a pair of calfskin penny loafers made by hand in Northampton, England. These are made from the finest quality calfskin, carefully selected from tanneries in Italy and France.

In the final finishing stage, the shoes are painted and waxed by hand, an extensive process that gives them Edward Green’s distinctive look. If you want to invest in a pair of shoes for life, Edward Green is the one to go for.

6. John Lobb – timeless design and exceptional quality

best loafers for men

The 150-year-old John Lobb brand has its origins in bespoke shoemaking. It wasn’t until Hermés bought the brand in 1976 that they introduced a collection of ready-to-wear shoes. Shown here is a pair of suede penny loafers launched in 1950. This is still a favourite with many today because of the timeless design and exceptional quality.

7. George Cleverley – sensational design

most stylish loafers for men

George Cleverley is another distinguished British brand that produces high quality footwear. There is hardly a more stylish design than the shoes you can find at George Cleverley. We’re particularly fond of the Penny Loafers with grained leather.

Throughout history, George Cleverley has produced shoes for everyone from Sir Winston Churchill to David Beckham and Sylvester Stallone. That says a lot about the shoe craftsmanship the brand stands for. Also check out the Hampton model, available in a variety of colours.

How to combine loafers

how to combine loafers with clothes

Loafers are one of the most stylish shoe models for spring and summer 2022. There is no other shoe model that brings out the design elements we want to highlight in men’s fashion for spring and summer 2022 in the same way. There is a reason why loafers are the model of choice for Italians.

Read more about the best Italian fashion brands for men!

High-waisted trousers with front pleats are best paired with loafers. If you want to dress in a linen suit, loafers are also the obvious choice for a style that is both dressed up and casual at the same time.

So how do you wear loafers? There is a difference of opinion as to whether a gentleman can actually wear just ankles with shoes. For summer, it’s something we definitely recommend. It’s far more stylish than wearing socks inside loafers – no matter what the label says.

how to combine loafers with clothes

It’s amazing how much of a difference your choice of footwear makes to your style! The overshirt is the fashion piece of the spring and summer. You can wear sneakers for everyday wear, but wearing loafers instantly makes you more stylish.

If you want to avoid foot perspiration, which can make your shoes smell unpleasant, we recommend socks that don’t show outside your shoes. There are many models of these socks on the market nowadays.

best no show socks for men

Falke is one brand that has developed the Step in Box Loafer socks with a spacious opening for the foot, which is not visible in low shoes. These are also treated with silicone in the heel to keep the socks up on the foot. We recommend a beige color on the socks for the longest possible durability and to avoid discoloration in loafers.


There are many options even for those looking for affordable men’s clothing online. However, you won’t get a pair of welted shoes for under $100 and we always recommend going for quality when it comes to footwear.

Men’s fashion is really stylish in 2022 and shoes are an extremely important part of the whole. Loafers are one of the obvious shoe models in the men’s wardrobe if you want to dress stylishly in spring and summer 2022.

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