Men’s Fashion 2022

What will men’s fashion look like in 2022? Here we’ve gathered the best men’s fashion for 2022, with everything from classic menswear to the latest trends. We’ll start with the best men’s fashion for winter 2022 and update the page regularly with the most stylish men’s pieces for the season.

What has been special about the last year’s men’s fashion is that we have been affected by the situation regarding the corona pandemic. This meant that, among other things, clothing for home use became more of a focus. However, as we go over the men’s fashion for winter 2022, we notice a strong desire for a more normal lifestyle and this also affects how we dress.

Trends in men’s fashion 2022

mens fashion 2022

There are a few trends that are prominent when we look at the current men’s fashion. We keep looking back to the 1930s and a few decades ahead for inspiration. But not only that. In men’s fashion 2022, there are other factors at play as well.

We live in unusual times and this also affects the clothes we wear. Something that players in the fashion industry have had to adapt to.

The best men’s fashion for winter 2022

inspiration menswear 2022

We start by briefly outlining the current trends and different men’s styles for winter 2022 before taking the best-looking garments category by category. At The Timeless Gentleman, we like a classic and timeless style. We want to inspire you to find garments that can be worn for several seasons without having to slavishly follow trends.

How to dress stylishly in 2022

We all have different ideas about what is stylish and elegant. However, it’s largely about symmetry and the ability to combine colours and different garments. Fit is also a key consideration when it comes to dressing nicely. We have written many guides on how to dress nicely. Below you will find our top tips under each item of clothing.

Classic and timeless menswear

What is clear is that the golden decade of 1930s menswear is increasingly evident in the collections launched in recent years. Something that we could already observe in menswear collections in recent years.

This should also be seen in the light of the fact that sustainability is now increasingly in focus in the fashion industry as well. In a time when we want quality, classic and timeless menswear is also something that has become more popular. It has become increasingly important to take care of your garments instead of the wear-and-tear society we have lived through for decades.

Style tips! Take a cue from the way people dressed in the 1930s all the way up to the 1950s when looking for style inspiration for autumn and winter 2022. You’ll find style inspiration in both films and comics from the aforementioned decades, but older fashion magazines are also a good source of inspiration.

Stylish vintage details

In fashion for men winter 2022, we recommend paying special attention to details. The silhouette has become increasingly loose on both trousers and jackets. High waist with double front pleats and cuffs on the trousers. Double-breasted jackets and coats. These are some of the key pieces to look out for this autumn and winter. Under the men’s fashion winter 2022 section below, you’ll find our picks for stylish key pieces in different categories.

Colours in men’s fashion winter 2022

In recent years, earthy colours have become popular in men’s collections. This is evident regardless of the season. We find many in a colour range that goes from light beige and off-white colours to darker browns and olive greens. For autumn and winter, however, darker colours tend to come into play. These include colours such as various shades of blue, navy and grey.

Summer is the season for pastels and more colourful garments. For the winter we usually find more muted colours in the collections.

The style tip! More subdued and darker colour schemes don’t have to mean boring clothes. Use lots of tone-on-tone to create a stylish whole. Dare to combine light grey and beige. Wear different shades of blue to create a monochrome look. It’s all about daring to experiment with colour!

Functional garments in stylish menswear

While we like to go back to previous decades for inspiration, there are also rapid developments in materials technology. In recent years, most fashion brands have launched travel collections of stylish men’s garments in stretch fabrics. It’s a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular as more and more people work from home. Hybrid garments that combine elements of classic, stylish men’s wear with workout clothes are becoming increasingly common. You’ll also find washable suits from the likes of Hugo Boss.

Men are becoming more and more interested in our garments. Quality is a watchword and now we are interested in the history behind the clothes we wear. We are ready to pay more for a cashmere coat knowing how supple this fabric is to wear. As a result, we have also become more interested in clothing care.

Life after corona

Unlike the situation during most of last year, we have seen a brighter outlook on the pandemic during this year. Something that changed for the worse again at the end of 2021. This affect the fashion industry and the clothes we wear. After over a year of restrictions, we can’t wait to get dressed up again.

If we go back in history, we have the extravagant fashions of the 1920s that followed the last great pandemic, the Spanish flu. A virus that took place between 1918-1920 and claimed the most lives in human history in such a short time. It was a different time, however, which had also just emerged from a world war and international economic activity was on the upswing.

It is likely that we in 2022 will see a resurgence in men’s party fashion as we are once again able to spend more time freely among other people.

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Men’s fashion winter 2022

The current men’s fashion trends for winter 2022 incorporate much of what we saw for the men’s fashion trends for last season. However, there is one slight difference. Last year at this time we were still in isolation, whereas we have now been able to both return to our jobs as well as travel. This is of course visible in the collections that have now been launched on online fashion sites. Let’s see if the latest restrictions will change the situation once again.

Most stylish outerwear for men winter 2022

stylish coats for men winter 2022
Double-breasted coat from Cesare Attolini

As classic clothing plays an increasingly prominent role in men’s fashion, we are also seeing more outerwear pieces that take this into account. We are seeing an increased interest in double-breasted coats and similar details that are often associated with classic menswear.

Details include wide lapels and breast pockets on a classic coat. In more casual styles, the function is often the most important factor and especially in this area we have seen a lot of new garments in the collections in recent years.

Among men’s winter jackets 2022, we notice several models where the popular overshirts have become shirt jackets. These come in materials such as flannel and tweed that make them useful both as jackets or alternatives to the blazer. On the left, we see an example of a Norfolk shirt jacket that is making a strong entry into men’s fashion.

Cashmere in coats was already becoming more prominent last year. For men’s fashion winter 2022, these are also clearly prominent in a number of brands. This is the ultimate fabric for those who appreciate quality.

nice winter coats for men 2022

A very practical model of jacket for autumn and winter is the classic duffel jacket. Here it is the duffle from British Gloverall that is the undisputed number one. These are made in England from a heavy wool blend.

A very stylish and practical jacket model whether you are dressing casual or in style during winter or colder autumn days. As the model is quite long, it is practical also to use a suit if you want something more warming than a classic overcoat.

Style tip! You should always wear a longer overcoat with your suit. However, you should also make sure to colour-match it with your trousers. Never wear beige against beige. However, you can wear navy or dark blue tone-on-tone.

Comfortable clothes for the home winter 2022

Comfortable clothes for the home winter 2022

The big trend of 2020 and 2021 was clothing for home use. Although we have been able to move more freely again, many of us work at home for large parts of the week. As a result, stay-at-home fashion is still popular and will remain so in the future. Garments like hoodies and loungewear are very much in vogue in menswear for winter 2022.

In the past, many have been content with gym shorts and sweatshirts for home use. But now we can also see a growing interest in classic loungewear among more and more men. This includes everything from pyjamas with a classic cut to shorter dressing gowns designed as smoking jackets.

There are several stylish models of dressing gowns in luxurious silk, for example at lounge wear specialist Derek Rose in London.

old fashioned style slippers for men 2022

Classic dressing gowns are more relevant than ever as we work more from home. Now more and more people are using them as a kind of multi-piece to sharpen their style at home. Wear vintage slippers from Crockett & Jones for a stylish combination.

Style tips! Dressing gowns can be a versatile garment to wear over your regular clothes if you want to dress stylishly in a home environment. It’s how many old-fashioned gentlemen dressed during the golden days of men’s fashion in the 1930s and 1940s. It definitely has an uplifting effect to make sure you dress well at home too.

Suits in men’s fashion winter 2022

tweed suits for men winter 2022
Walker Slater Winter 2022

Suits and jackets are often the focus when it comes to classic men’s fashion. For autumn and winter, thicker and warmer materials are always added to suits. Flannel and thicker tweed fabrics are again becoming topical to wear. This is also true this winter, where we see many stylish suits in the men’s collections.

A hot tip for this fashion year is to get a jacket in a soft material, like a cardigan. It’s a versatile garment, especially in these times when more and more people are working from home. You find a lot of these jackets at Boglioli.

The style tip! There are many ways to make a suit or jacket less formal. Wear a long-sleeved pique or turtleneck under your jacket. You can also use sneakers to vary your style. You may also want to include a knitted jacket. It’s suitable for both everyday wear and parties.

Men’s fashion trousers winter 2022

Pants are one of the garments that are in the spotlight when it comes to current trends in classic men’s fashion. In fashion regarding men’s trousers, it is the attention to detail that is all the rage right now.

Double front pleats, high waists and turn-ups are classic details that made their way into most menswear collections last year. For 2022, this trend has only become more popular.

stylish trousers for men 2022

When looking for stylish trousers online, we can especially recommend the Italian trouser specialists Briglia 1949, PT01 and Incotex. They have many trouser styles with distinct front pleats, high waist and stylish silhouette. Below is a stylish model from PT01 and their autumn and winter collection.

Stretch fabrics have also become increasingly common even in more dressy styles of trousers. This too is part of the increased focus on travel collections with more easy-going garments in work contexts.

Style tips! A stylish detail that many people forget is the cuff. These can now be found on both formal and less formal trousers. Paired with autumn and winter shoe styles, this will look great.

Vests and waistcoats – menswear winter 2022

inspiration style for men quiltet vests 2022

Among the key garments for men in autumn is always the vest. Stock-on-stock is one of the absolute biggest trends regardless of the season. To this end, the vest is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing.

This can be worn in many different ways. Inside the overcoat for extra warmth on cool days or outside the suit for casual elegance in true Italian style.

The waistcoat is also ideal to wear over a sweater during the transition between summer and autumn. In other words, it is a very versatile garment that can be recommended for every man’s wardrobe.

For spring, we recommend vests made of water-repellent polyamide fabrics, which you can find at Italian Aspesi, among others. This is an elegant vest that is suitable for many occasions.

Style tip! Pay attention to the details when buying a vest. It is a good idea to have several different models. If you want to use the down vest for tailored garments, a more dressy and thin version is recommended.

Men’s fashion shoes for winter 2022

shoes in mens fashion 2022

Footwear is perhaps the thing that changes the least between seasons. Perhaps mainly because winters now tend to get warmer. However, few people wear loafers during the winter months. Even when it comes to footwear, we have seen an increasing interest in the craft in recent years. For those who like quality shoes, handmade shoes are a matter of course. Quality is in and that is especially noticeable when it comes to shoe craftsmanship.

Style tips! It really pays to go for quality when it comes to shoes. It’s not just about durability. It’s a wonderful feeling to wear handmade quality shoes made of fine leather.

Men’s fashion accessories winter 2022

Accessories are underrated in men’s fashion as a way to become more stylish. In the absence of jewellery, we are often limited when it comes to personalising our outfits. However, there are a few exceptions. Here we highlight some accessories in menswear to invest in for winter 2022.


braces in mens fashion 2022

So there’s a lot of detail in classic menswear for winter 2022. To elevate the style, there are also many tricks to take when it comes to accessories. For example, in the recently released Bond film No Time to Die, we saw Daniel Craig use suspenders with both his suit and tuxedo. At the moment, it is fashionable to use suspenders rather than belts in men’s fashion.

For those looking for classic suspenders of the highest quality, we recommend the venerable Albert Thurston, a brand founded in 1820 and worn by princes, kings and presidents ever since. This was also the choice for James Bond in the latest film.

The style tip! Never wear anything but suspenders when wearing a tuxedo. Even with trousers that have double front pleats, it’s best to use suspenders rather than a belt to hold the trousers up.


cufflinks in mens fashion 2022

Cufflinks are the real jewels of men’s fashion, alongside the wristwatch. Make a habit of buying double cuff shirts and always wear cufflinks with this shirt. It is an elegant detail that should not be underestimated. Just like with the watch, it’s an incredibly nice feeling to have stylish, high quality cufflinks around your wrists.

The style tip! Preferably use cufflinks with gold and silver details for more formal attire such as a tuxedo. Black details also go well with this style of dress. For casual suits, you can go a bit more wild with the colour and style of the cufflinks. This is a men’s fashion detail that you are welcome to own many different variations of. Did you know that cufflinks are a popular collector’s item among menswear connoisseurs?

Men’s fragrances for winter 2022

best winter fragrances for men 2022

For the winter, more deep and strong perfumes is in fashion again. Some of the most popular perfumes at the moment are perfumes from the agar tree, also known as oud. It is the most luxurious in the perfume world and a fragrance note that oozes exclusivity.

Also fragrances with leather notes are always popular for the cooler season. In many cases, oud and leather are combined in perfumes. This is undeniably a winning combination, as evidenced by the exquisite Floris Leather Oud.

It is a fragrance note that can be especially recommended for nights out or dating.

best winter fragrance for men 2022

For everyday use, any of the classic men’s perfumes on the market can be recommended. There are some men’s fragrances that have retained their popularity over the years and one of the very first we can recommend is Green Irish Tweed from the exclusive perfume house Creed. A classic with almost magical fragrance qualities, it is especially suitable for the colder weather of autumn and winter.

Style tip! Have several different perfumes to alternate between depending on the occasion. Use a lighter everyday perfume and heavier, more exclusive perfumes for parties. This is uplifting for the mind and signals to your brain that you the occasion is special.

Frequently Asked Questions – Most stylish fashion for men 2022

How should men dress in 2022?

There are several alternative scenarios regarding fashion for men 2022. Classic and timeless men’s fashion is becoming increasingly popular. There is also a strong likelihood that fashion will become more extravagant as coronary restrictions end and we can move more freely again.

What are the biggest trends for men’s fashion in 2022?

Clothing for home use will stand strong well into 2022. Sustainability is a strong trend and therefore quality is also a watchword in men’s fashion 2022.

Where to get inspiration for men’s fashion 2022?

Classic English menswear has a strong tradition in Men’s Fashion. Especially when it comes to quality garments with classic cuts, this is something to turn to. Italian menswear, with its more casual elegance, is also always topical.

What are the key pieces in men’s fashion in 2022?

Above, we have highlighted some of the key pieces for this year. Classic details are trending whether you want to dress formally, classically or casually.

What are the trends in menswear for winter 2022?

In classic menswear winter 2022, much of the inspiration comes from the 1930s. There are high waists with double front pleats on trousers, open collared peacoats and scarves.

What are the key pieces in winter 2022 menswear?

There are a number of garments that are the focus of men’s fashion in winter 2022. The overshirt, high-waisted chinos with front pleats and a double breasted blazer are the main men’s fashion pieces this winter. Sneakers and oxfords are two shoe styles that should be in every man’s wardrobe.