The most stylish sunglasses of spring and summer – 10 classic models

best classic sunglasses

Spring is almost here and the sun is starting to show its face more and more. Here we take a closer look at what men’s fashion 2022 has to offer when it comes to sunglasses. Instead of chasing trends, here we highlight the best classic sunglasses on the market. Models that will keep the style for a lifetime.

There are some iconic brands among sunglasses that have kept the style for many decades. Persol and Ray-Ban are definitely among the very best with some of the most classic models of sunglasses on the market.

Among the up-and-comers of recent years, we find Oliver Peoples, who have made their own interpretations of models worn by iconic men in men’s fashion over the years. Italian TBD Eyewear is another brand that has quickly gained a large following thanks to its high quality and affordable price.

The best classic sunglasses spring/summer 2022

best classic models of sunglasses

Here we have gathered some of the most classic models of sunglasses on the market. What all these models have in common is their high quality and unique design language. This is also something that everyone should keep in mind when purchasing sunglasses.

When it comes to this accessory, it really pays to invest in quality. It guarantees both the frames and the screws are up to scratch – not to mention the UV protection.

Persol – an Italian classic

best classic sunglasses

Few if any other brands have as many classics in their range as the Italian Persol. Founded back in 1917, the brand became immortal thanks to films like Divorce Italian Style in 1962 and The Thomas Crown Affair in 1968.

In the first film, Marcello Mastroianni wore the 649 model, which is still very popular on the market today. This model was launched back in the 1950s for Italian tram drivers who needed sunglasses to protect them from the sun and dust.

Another model that is very similar to the above is the Persol model 714, which was used by Steve McQueen in the style classic The Thomas Crown Affair (picture above). The main difference between these two models is that the 714 can be folded in half, which makes it very practical to carry in your pocket, for example.

Ray-Ban – A retro classic

best classic models of sunglasses

Another very popular brand is Ray-Ban, which has produced several classics over the years. The Clubmaster model had its real breakthrough back in the 1950s and the so-called Browline frames were added to regular glasses as early as 1947.

Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer was one of the first plastic sunglasses when it came on the market in 1956. Something that was revolutionary for its time. In fact, this is one of the best selling sunglasses models throughout the history of the world and is a model that has always held up through all the decades despite all the trends that have come and gone. The model gained cult status thanks in part to films such as The Blues Brothers from the 1980s.

Oliver Peoples – the vintage icon

classic models of sunglasses for men

Oliver Peoples was founded in 1987 in California, where they began handcrafting vintage-inspired sunglasses from their store. Inspired by iconic sunglasses seen on some of the actors from Hollywood’s golden era, they have some of the most stylish sunglasses on the market.

Models include the classic frames used by Gregory Peck in the 1961 film To Kill a Mockingbird. Last year, Oliver Peoples also launched a model of sunglasses inspired by the model used by Cary Grant in the 1959 film North by Northwest.

TBD Eyewear – Italian perfection

One of the real up-and-comers in men’s fashion sunglasses is Italian TBD Eyewear. What is particularly distinctive here is the excellent price/quality ratio.

The range includes several models with frames that take their inspiration from the golden era of men’s fashion in the 1950s. Among these is the Donegal model, with sturdy brown frames in durable acetate. All TBD Eyewear sunglasses are made entirely by hand by experienced professionals in Cadore, Italy. Not least because of this, the price tag of their models is remarkable.

Garret Leight – Classic vintage models

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That can certainly be said of Garrett Leight who is the son of Oliver Peoples founder, Larry Leight. Nevertheless, in the collections of Garrett Leight we find an own design and design language that should appeal to the nostalgic.

For those who like a more playful take on acetate frames that also have a classic design on the frames, the Hampton model is recommended.

Ralph Lauren Eyewear – lifestyle brand of the highest quality

best models of classic eyewear sunglasses

Ralph Lauren as a lifestyle brand needs no further introduction. What perhaps fewer people know is that the brand also has a line of high-quality sunglasses in its range. There are several classic models with tortoiseshell-patterned plastic frames.

One of the most stylish yet classic of Ralph Lauren’s models is the Havana with its rounded frames. This one has a slightly narrower design of the frames and delicious blue lenses.

Tom Ford – the premium brand for men

Tom Ford spectre sunglasses

Few brands in the world have achieved cult status in men’s fashion as quickly as Tom Ford. For the latest Bond films, it has been Tom Ford who has been given the honour of dressing James Bond in exclusive suits and tuxedos.

The range also includes a range of classic sunglasses where Tom Ford has managed the feat of bringing his distinctive design language to bear to produce unique models.

The price of the clothes in Tom Ford’s collections is, as we all know, among the most expensive you’ll find anywhere in the world. However, the sunglasses are no more expensive than other premium sunglass brands and are roughly on par with Persol and Oliver Peoples, among others.

Here we have chosen the Snowdon model from Tom Ford. It was this model that Daniel Craig used in the James Bond film Spectre from 2015.

Eyevan 7285 – Japanese elegance

As a bonus on the list, we highlight the Japanese Eyevan 7285. The brand has been around since 1972, but is still quite unknown to many. As interest in elegant Japanese men’s fashion has grown, we have also started to wear more sunglasses from Japanese manufacturers.

The most stylish and classic models can be found at Eyevan 7285. There are a variety of models and colours to liven up your outfit. Try the sunglasses above with light green tinted lenses with an olive green safari jacket. Really stylish!

Eyevan 7285 is a brand inspired by Japanese culture that blends style with an extravagant twist.

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