Montegrappa presents LEONARDO DA VINCI Limited Edition

Montegrappa Leonardo da Vinci

Nearly half a millennium after his death, the world remains entranced by the brilliance of the great Italian maestro. The newest limited edition from Montegrappa hails the universal genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

As museums around the world prepare to mark 500 years since the loss of one of history’s most prolific minds, Montegrappa presents Leonardo da Vinci as the newest subject of their Genio Creativo collector series.

For the design of this limited-edition release, they have chosen to salute Leonardo’s engineering genius. Widely celebrated for his artistic supremacy, his virtuosity across scientific fields continues to mesmerise scholars. Even today, new technologies are enabling engineers to prove many of his most fanciful concepts.

From machines of war to telescopes, musical instruments and early robotics, Leonardo’s ambition and talent knew no boundaries. Left-handed, he was also an enigmatic writer, annotating his drawings with mirror script written right to left. The new Leonardo da Vinci edition writes conventionally, but celebrates the maestro’s technological prowess throughout its design and presentation.

Hand-finished in brass, stainless steel and Tuscan olive wood, the edition’s 500 piston-fed fountain pens and 500 rollerballs fuse meticulous metal detailing with organic materials – evoking Leonardo’s sense for the fluid relationship between nature, art and science. References to his achievements in geometry, astronomy, engineering and architecture feature throughout the piece.

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