William Fox & Sons Brings Back Menswear

william fox & sons story

The British fashion label William Fox & Sons is set to premiere its summer & autumn 2019 collection on www.williamfoxsons.com, featuring a selection of old school vintage inspired by the 1920s with a modern, fashion-forward twist.

William Fox & Sons is a boutique menswear brand, founded in London in 1913. It is a family business run by William Fox and his three sons. The brand specialized in men’s clothing and sporting goods for decades. Nowadays, the product line has expanded to footwear, bags, and women clothing.

A minimalist tone embodies the William Fox & Sons 2019 collection with simple yet beautiful structured designs, unique pieces exuding modernity and classic. The unique icon of a yellow fox with flashes of black sketches is one of the key design elements, carrying the desire to be smart sexy and classic.

The collection also got the man-flower reboot off to a good start: graphic floral motifs splattered with paintbrush strokes on shirts and grey marl blazers. The heritage shop also produces brogue styles with a contrasting rubber wedge sole that holds on to all the details of the classic brogue shoe.

“Our philosophy is to give a touch of romance in people’s clothing,” added Alexander Ye, chief designer at William Fox & Sons. “Our brand has never really been about fashion itself, and it has always been about being your true self. I want to allow people to wear something chic and relaxed, yet distinct. This is about wearing what you love and being at your most confident state of mind.”

What’s the story?

The brand establishment can be traced back to 1895 in the United States, when Mr. Fox opened a clothing store on Carl Fox Boulevard in Houlton, Maine. The Fox family worked together in the shop, providing premium outfits and sporting goods for locals who enjoy outdoor sports such as hunting, yachting, rock climbing, etc. As he quoted, “The beauty and scenery those adventurous gentlemen see in nature, are like extraordinary outfits the nature endows the landscape with. Our design should fit in as those landscapes while showcasing the spirit of adventure and practicableness.”

In the first decade of the 1900s, a new lifestyle formed, and a new generation of gentleman fought against the tradition of their fathers. Along with the change, an incomparable crafting techniques innovation hit the British men clothing industry. Soon, tailcoat was replaced by dinner jacket, and hunting jackets were replaced by business suit jackets for country gentlemen.

With their return to the United Kingdom in 1913, they opened a branch in London to learn and master the British gentleman’s clothing tailoring, knitting, and other skills. To satisfy the increasing needs, the Fox family made the Londonstore as a launch center for the new product. The brand William Fox & Sons started recognized by the public as fine gentlemen clothing. To make it more successful, William Fox & Sons launched a series of products that mixed British gentleman style with American’s practical characteristics, which opened a new chapter for modern sportswear design. Through the efforts of the Fox family, the William Fox & Sons was considered a pioneer in the sporting goods at the time.

Since then, through the unremitting efforts of three generations, the William Fox & Sons brand has stood over a century. The family decided to take the fox image as the brand logo, symbolizing the tenacious characters and innovative spirit. Carrying the desire to be intelligent and pioneers, the brand kept adapting to the changes over the decades.


The norm of the new-generation William Fox & Sons follows the traditional brand spirit: comfortable, practical, and originative; adopting high customization while maintaining a high-quality focus on durability and design. As the brand evolves, William Fox & Sons can be described as old-fashioned yet free spirit­­. The brand’s mission is to create fashion clothing and sporting goods in the 21st century.

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