Style tips for men over 50

style tips for men over 50

Many people want to dress in a classic and timeless way to avoid having to renew their wardrobe several times a year. This is especially true for men who have reached a mature age. In this age group, many want to dress stylishly, but at the same time sophisticated. Here we share our top style tips for mature men over 50.

We touched on the subject of dressing classy earlier. There the focus was on fit, proportion and colour. It’s the foundation of everything when it comes to dressing well. Knowing your proportions and having the ability to combine different colours is the absolute essential when it comes to the art of dressing well.

Fashion for men over 50

style tips for men over 50 years old

Surely we all want to dress according to our own age to avoid being perceived as pretentious. The art of dressing according to the famous expression Sprezzatura is rare. So are there any tricks you can use to dress stylishly and timelessly, whatever your age?

A lot has become easier in recent years. Especially with the collections that have been released in recent years. The key to timeless dressing is to choose garments with a classic silhouette and in classic colours.

When we take a look at the menswear collections that have been released over the year, we see that there are very few shades of difference in classic menswear in the 20-60 age range. This is also largely due to the increased interest in classic garments among younger generations.

Use blue shades tone-on-tone. Grey combined with a dark blue long-sleeved pique is also a classic combination that is timeless.

Men over 50 – How to dress?

style tips for men over 50

There is a special group of men who often seek style advice. Men over 50 often have a long career behind them and also often have children in adulthood. For several decades they may have had to put their style interests to one side. Family has taken its toll in terms of both focus and finances.

Now many have greater financial resources and, above all, time to focus on their forgotten style interest again. However, after many years where clothes have not been the most important part of life, many have lost themselves. What is it that I am really looking for in terms of style? What really is my style?

1. Dare to experiment!

how to dress 50+ mens fashion

One piece of advice that we can share in general is to dare to experiment. Although we are not all gifted with the same sense of style, a lot comes down to interest.

The more time you spend being inspired, the more sense you will have of what goes together in terms of colours and proportions of garments.

Remember, you don’t have to dress boring just because you’re reaching a certain age! Even small things like accessories in different colours can make a big difference to the overall impression.

2. Use new colours

style tips for mature men

There are lots of stylish and different colours in men’s fashion right now. Dare to break the pattern with a rusty brown blazer or overcoat. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found online when it comes to combining different colours with each other.

A hot tip that always comes back for autumn fashion is the combination of grey and beige. Although it is a classic combination, it is all too rare to see men over 50 wearing a beige coat with grey suit/pants.

Use earthy colours to your advantage. There doesn’t have to be clear contrasts between the top and bottom when wearing jackets. Use bright colours during the winter months too! It will brighten up both you and your surroundings.

3. Mix styles even at a mature age

style tips for mature men 50+

There is no doubt that work is the place where we spend most of our lives in. Far from everyone has an office job, and for people who work with their hands, functional clothing is of course the most important thing.

But even in traditional office jobs, a lot has changed recently. Teleworking has become more common and it may not seem necessary to dress up in a suit every day – despite the recent rise of 1930s menswear.

Even if you dress comfortably, it’s possible to do so in style. Just because you’re well into your 50s doesn’t mean you can’t wear sneakers with a suit. It’s an easy way to attract attention while giving your confidence a boost.

4. What clothes do you feel comfortable in?

how to dress 50+ man

While we encourage you to dare to experiment, it’s also important that you feel comfortable with your style. Clothes are so much more than just something you wear for warmth. It also reflects our personality and what we want to convey about ourselves. If you don’t feel comfortable in a certain style, you should definitely not wear it.

That said, it always takes time to get used to a certain style. Renewing yourself can also be necessary for the mind. For those who want to feel more vibrant, changing the colour scheme of their garments from time to time is definitely recommended.

5. Adapt your clothes to the life you lead

how to dress as a mature man 50+

Life is so much more than just work. Nowadays, we see more and more people prioritizing working to live rather than the other way around. This means that leisure activities are the focus even when it comes to clothes.

If you live an active life, you obviously need practical clothes for this lifestyle. If you also enjoy socialising, it’s a good idea to build up a wardrobe of stylish clothes for this purpose.

6. Build a basic wardrobe

how to build a wardrobe

We’ve recommended building up a basic wardrobe of useful clothes on several occasions. In this context, it is important to buy garments in classic colours such as navy blue, grey and brown. Earthy colours are a hot trend, but at the same time they are colours that stand the test of time.

Once you know what style you want, get quality garments in classic colours that are easy to mix and match. An overcoat in dark blue, dark jeans, beige chinos and light blue and white shirts are examples of pieces that should be in every man’s wardrobe. Also go for a dark blue and grey suit.

When it comes to shoes, black and dark brown oxfords are safe cards that are useful in many contexts for autumn and winter. Also opt for a pair of shoes in dark suede.

There are also many different types of sneakers on the market that implement classic details like dark brown leather. This makes the shoes especially suitable to combine with a more clean style.

7. Good online stores with clothes for mature men

There are some online stores that focus more than others on clothing for mature men with classic brands offering quality garments.

Here, we can especially recommend Mr Porter, which focuses specifically on men’s fashion with classic silhouettes and colours. Many of the brands represented on the site have a long history and also have recurring pieces in their collections.


One of our biggest threats as we age is commitment. This applies to most things in our lives, but especially regarding clothing. It can feel instantly repulsive to try on new garments and new styles if we’ve grown accustomed to something over many years.

What can be recommended then is to dare to introduce new colours into your wardrobe, as mentioned above, and also to dare to try new fits. One of our biggest style sins by far is ill-fitting garments, regardless of the types of clothes we wear.

But if you have the interest, it is possible to learn this art as well. Take inspiration from men’s collections that are being launched and learn more about colour matching.

FAQ – Style tips for men

What style should you go for as a mature man?

We recommend a classic style and silhouette for mature men. At Gentleman’s Guide we give you many tips on how to dress stylishly at different ages.

Can everyone learn the art of dressing well?

Although we all have different interests in clothes and fashion, we are convinced that most people have the ability to learn about how to dress well. A lot comes down to commitment and interest.

What is the most important thing to consider when buying clothes?

Build up a basic wardrobe with garments in classic fits and colours that are easy to mix and match. This will save you a lot of money.

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