Trends in glasses 2022 – Here are the most stylish models!

trends in glasses 2022

Glasses are an underrated fashion accessory that not only help you see better but also express personality and enhance your style. When choosing glasses, the shape of your face plays a big role, but it’s also important that they are comfortable and fit well. One style of eyewear that’s coming on strong this year is retro-inspired glasses that hark back to the heyday of the 1960s. Here we pick out the trends in glasses 2022.

Glasses are an accessory that has always been popular, but especially in recent years. One reason for this may be the revival of vintage styles, which also applies to other areas of men’s fashion. Whether you wear glasses occasionally or habitually, they change your look dramatically.

Classic models of sunglasses

3 trends in glasses 2022

trend in glasses for men 2022

The variety of eyewear styles is greater than ever before. There are glasses for every face shape, occasion and desired effect. In addition, many eyeglass wearers today use glasses as a fashion accessory rather than just wearing them because their vision requires correction. As a result, non-powered glasses have also become popular.

Here are some of the most stylish among trends in glasses 2022.

1960s-style glasses

trends glasses for men 2022

One of the biggest among trends in glasses 2022 is the 1960s style. Take inspiration from Michael Caine and the frames he uses in movies like Billion Dollar Brain from 1967. These are true statement frames that combine sleek geometric details with glamour and vintage aesthetics.

glasses trends for men 2022

Tom Ford, among others, has some really stylish frames of this model in their 2022 range.

Wayfarer-style glasses

trends in glasses for men 2022

Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer is a classic sunglasses model that came on the market in 1956 and a model that Robert Downey Jr, among others, uses. These frames are also available as regular glasses and are one of the most stylish and timeless models you can wear. Among the trends in glasses we see in 2022, this is one of the hottest.

Oversized frames

trends in glasses for men 2022

Maybe it’s partly due to the movie House of Gucci that recently premiered. What’s clear is that we’re seeing a lot of interest in oversized frames inspired by 1970s and 1980s menswear. This particular Gucci model is available in both silver and gold frames. This is definitely one of the biggest trends in glasses 2022.

Glasses with blue light filter

Glasses with blue light filter

Blue light glasses are glasses that block blue light from reaching your eyes. Blue light glasses are recommended by opticians to protect your eyes from blue light and to reduce symptoms caused by the use of digital devices.

Blue light glasses are particularly recommended for people who use computers or mobile devices for long periods during the day, or for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in sunlight, which can also damage your eyes. Many eyewear manufacturers also offer special lenses for computer users. These glasses have filters that block the wavelengths that cause eye stress when looking at screens all day.

Glasses when sitting at the computer are definitely something to recommend whether you need glasses for vision or not.

Blue light glasses look almost identical to regular glasses, but they also provide important protection for your eyes by filtering out blue light and reducing glare and reflections. They’re also similar to reading glasses: they have thinner frames than regular glasses, so you can read through them when you need to while protecting your eyes from blue light and UV rays.

The best thing about these glasses is that they are discreet. The glasses only filter certain wavelengths of light (those in the “blue” spectrum), so you can avoid drawing attention to your glasses and they still help protect your eyes.

Blue light glasses are available in a wide range of price ranges. Ranging from designer glasses from Tom Ford like the ones above to budget glasses on Amazon for a few hundred bucks.

Glasses without power

which glasses fits me

Non-prescription or non-powered glasses can be purchased online or at local opticians. Most online eyewear stores offer glasses in both ready-to-wear and custom sizes.

Which glasses suit me app

Most online eyewear stores now also have features where you can upload your face to an app to see how you fit in different models. This makes it much easier to find the glasses that fit your face. SmartBuyGlasses, among others, offer this feature.

How should glasses fit?

how should glasses fit

It’s not just about finding the right design among all the eyewear trends. Glasses should also fit comfortably on your nose and not slide down. That’s why glasses with a rubber nosepiece provide optimum support (not suitable for eyeglass wearers who sweat a lot). Glasses that fit well do not pinch behind the ears, nor do they feel too tight in any other place.

Glasses that do not fit properly on the nose can cause pain in the neck and shoulders. This also applies to glasses that rub against the skin with every movement of the wearer’s head; this type of situation usually only occurs with glasses that are too small/large. Glasses must sit evenly over the nose without pressing down too much on it either.

Glasses should sit comfortably on the nose without sliding or sitting too low; if the glasses slide down the nose, the face may be too flat. If the glasses are too high, the glasses may slip off when looking down/up, etc. Glasses that fit incorrectly on the nose can also cause tension headaches as they prevent oxygen from circulating properly through the blood vessels in the head.

This causes the glasses to turn red directly under the glasses, which again is an indication that they are too small. If the glasses are too wide, they will press against the wearer’s cheeks, causing the glasses to slide down the nose. Glasses that are too short will also cause the wearer to experience pain at the bridge of the nose.

If the glasses are too curved, they will not sit evenly on the wearer’s face, which can lead to the glasses not fitting securely or to the glasses sliding down the nose. Glasses that are curved can also cause vision correction problems because the lenses are no longer properly seated. At the optician’s assessment, you should also check whether the frames are curved; if they look as if the glasses have been worn before, you should ask whether there is any damage or reduced comfort caused by irregular use of the glasses. Glasses can never be repaired, even if they are repaired, if the glasses have been bent out of shape.

Glasses quality

Every wearer has different requirements that glasses must meet. Obviously, glasses should be of high quality as it is something you are likely to wear every day. However, this is rarely a problem as there are many good brands available at good prices in today’s market.

The glasses should be as light as possible, so glasses made of titanium are among the best as they have a very low weight. However, glasses with frames made of plastic offer better stability and durability. For spectacle wearers who use their glasses habitually and therefore may engage in sporting activities (e.g. walking or dancing), glasses that sit on the ear rather than over the ear, glasses with lighter frames, can also be put on quite easily. These glasses also do not slip off when leaning forward/backward/to the side.

Plastic glasses are very robust and can withstand extreme temperatures (e.g. glasses for mountaineers).

What glasses look good on me?

What glasses look good on me?

Today, glasses come in countless varieties. They can be avant-garde shapes or classic monochrome glasses, they can be grey, orange, pink or purple, and they may not even look like glasses at all. Glasses come in standard sizes and one size fits all. But how the glasses fit you personally depends on your face shape and the design of the glasses.

One of the most important issues when asking which glasses suit me is the shape of my face. Faces are often divided into eight basic types; round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, diamond-shaped, oblong and heart-shaped faces.

Here are the different types of glasses and how they fit according to your face shape:

Round glasses

Round glasses are best suited to soft round faces because their edges follow the natural shape of the face. Even glasses with strong lines give you a soft look. A good choice for you could be glasses that follow the line of your cheeks or glasses that have round tops. On round faces, glasses with heavy frames on top tend to emphasise curves rather than straight lines, making it difficult to maintain a sharp appearance in general, so you should always match the colour of the frame with the skin tone of this type of face shape.

Oval glasses

You can wear any shape of glasses as long as the glasses match your oval face. Oval glasses have a strong base and therefore glasses tend to be larger on this face shape, emphasising curves and softness rather than sharp lines.

Square glasses

If you have a square face, choose glasses with soft curves so as not to make your face wider. Square glasses tend to be smaller than round glasses, but although they appear larger, they should never touch the edge of your face when worn as this adds width, which is the opposite of what you want for a square face. Round or oval sunglasses that have smaller lenses but large frames can also be a good choice.

Rectangular glasses

If you have a rectangular face shape where your forehead and chin tend to be the same width, oval glasses will suit you best. Oval glasses tend to soften facial features and are therefore ideal for this type of face shape. If, on the other hand, you prefer glasses with strong lines, choose glasses that have rounded tops and keep the edges away from your facial muscles.

Triangle glasses

Small glasses that cover only about half of your eyes help you create a clearer look and give your triangle-shaped faces more angle by enlarging the eye sockets, which can make them appear bigger and wider than they really are. Triangle glasses have a strong base and wide upper parts and are therefore best suited to wider face shapes. In this case, glasses with rounded edges or glasses that follow the cheekbones can help you to create a balance between the upper and lower parts of your face.

Diamond glasses

You can wear any shape of glasses because diamond-shaped faces don’t need glasses to hide anything, all they need is a frame colour that enhances their natural features. The frames should be thin enough not to emphasise the width at the top which would make the lower part of the face look small as it does not stand out from other facial features. Thin glasses go well with sharp features such as a pointed chin and narrow nose, while glasses with rounded lenses at the top can be an option for diamond-shaped faces that are more fleshy.

Heart glasses

These are suitable for heart-shaped faces as they soften the angles and straight lines of the chin. But if you want to reduce the length of your face, glasses with sharp top edges combined with frames that follow your cheekbones can also help you make a good impression by adding width under your eyes and accentuating them. Brain glasses are available in metal or plastic.

Oblong glasses

To enhance the elongated facial features, choose glasses with round curly ends, which balance the elongated facial features from the forehead through the cheeks down to the chin.

Frequently asked questions – Trends in glasses 2022

Which glasses are right for me?

How glasses fit you personally depends on your face shape and the design of the glasses. One of the most important issues when asking which glasses suit me is the shape of my face.

How should glasses fit?

Glasses should sit comfortably on your nose and not slide down. Glasses that fit well don’t pinch behind the ears or feel too tight in any other place.

Where can I find glasses with a blue light filter?

Most online opticians now offer many different models of blue-light glasses. These come in all sorts of price ranges, from designer glasses costing thousands of pounds, to budget versions costing a few hundred pounds.

Where can I find non-powered glasses?

You can find non-powered glasses in many online fashion stores. In these cases, you don’t need to go to an optician as they are non-prescription glasses.

What are the trends in glasses 2022?

We see a lot of vintage-inspired eyewear in 2022. These include heavily marked frames inspired by the 1960s and the Wayfarer frames of the 1950s.

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