The most stylish shorts of the summer – Here are the models to go for this year!

stylish men's shorts summer 2022

There’s a big desire to dress stylishly in the summer of 2022 and it’s evident in shorts too. Previously, we’ve also showcased the fashion of some other typical summer garments and accessories, such as the stylish classic sunglasses, loafers and polo shirts. Here we bring out stylish shorts for men 2022.

Men’s fashion 2022 includes some really stylish models of shorts. As we have seen before, more dressy models dominate the fashion scene. Actually, we can’t talk about a trend in this case as we are talking about classic men’s fashion. As with the longer trouser styles, details such as double front pleats, higher waist and turn-ups are noticeable.

If you want stylish shorts for summer, these are the details you should pay attention to. It is clear that many of the brands on the market draw inspiration from the 1930s and the models that were on the market during that decade. If this was already visible in previous seasons, it is even more evident in the summer 2022 collections.

Most stylish shorts for men summer 2022

Below we have collected stylish shorts for men 2022 that we can find in the collections this summer.

Briglia 1949 – Italian trouser craftsmanship

Briglia 1949 is an Italian brand that focuses entirely on trouser craftsmanship. The spring and summer collection from the brand features a model of chinos shorts with front pleats that are made from a stretchy cotton fabric. You’ll find the model in seven stylish colours.

In other words, all the hottest fashion colours of the summer can be found in this model of shorts. A nice detail of these shorts is also the turn-up, which further enhances the sense of style.

Incotex – Stylish men’s shorts

stylish men's shorts summer 2022

Another Italian brand known for its pant craftsmanship is Incotex. Here’s a front-pleated model made from a stretchy cotton quality with several practical features. We also recommend the seersucker model you can find at Incotex this season.

Orlebar Brown – Shorts with vintage details

men's shorts summer 2022

British Orlebar Brown is best known for its classic swim shorts and Terry polo shirts. But even among regular shorts, there are models with the same design as you’ll find in swim shorts, with side buckles and other stylish details. Inspired by 1960s swimwear, these shorts are a must-have if you want to dress stylishly!

The casual elegance of the highest quality is what you can expect when you buy summer clothing from Orlebar Brown.

Rubinacci – shorts with double front pleats

ghurka shorts for men summer 2022

Shorts with double front pleats are a hot pick for summer 2022. These shorts also have a slightly higher waist, allowing you to tuck your shirt or sweater into your trousers for a stylish outfit. The Manny shorts from Italian Rubinacci are a classic in this category.

Polo Ralph Lauren – classic models of shorts

chino shorts for men summer 2022

The prestigious Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand has opted for some classic models for this year’s summer collection. The chino shorts are a real favourite with many. What makes them special is the tapered fit and their stretchy cotton quality. This makes them both stylish and comfortable to wear.

Where to find stylish men’s shorts 2022?

If you’re looking for shorts with unique details from brands like Rubinacci and Lardini, it’s a good idea to check out the range at Mr Porter. Here you also find all the line of classic brand like Ralph Lauren. They also offer Orlebar Brown on their websites.

How to dress in shorts

So there are plenty of stylish shorts for men in the summer of 2022. We recommend keeping an eye on the details. Front pleats and side adjusters at the waist are two details that enhance the sense of style. Also, go for cuffs at the ends of the trousers.

If you are looking for tips on combining shorts and shoes, we recommend our article on shoe fashion 2022. There are many ways to combine shorts with other garments. Go for polo shirts and overshirts. These two garments are easy to wear with shorts if you want to dress stylishly.

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