How to dress like an Italian – Style study from Italian brands

how to dress like an italian

Italian menswear is always hot for spring and summer. The casual silhouette with easy-going jackets and trousers appeals to many. Combined with the fact that many men nowadays also appreciate craftsmanship and classic menswear, Italian Menswear brands are particularly interesting. Here we talk about how to dress like an Italian and highlight some prominent Italian brands for men.

Italian men’s style is about daring to wear pieces that are not usually combined together. The ability to dress like an Italian is often referred to as Sprezzatura.

Italian men’s style – How to dress like an Italian

how to dress like an Italian style tips for men

Here we have summarised in a few points what you can think about if you want to dress Italian for spring and summer.

How to dress like an Italian?

  1. Dare to combine different styles

    An important part of dressing Italian is daring to wear items that are not usually combined together. A down vest over a blazer or a denim shirt under a blazer – the only limit is your imagination.

  2. Wear unconstructed blazers

    One of the key pieces in the Italian wardrobe is unconstructed blazers. This means that the jackets have no shoulder pockets and also lack the other structures you find in, for example, traditional British menswear.

  3. Focus on fit

    When you study Italian style, you’ll notice that the fit of the clothes is the focus. It is not just for reasons of comfort that many Italians wear constructed jackets. These provide a perfect “fall” and a body-hugging fit. This is true whatever the garment.

  4. Pay attention to the details

    Use a few individual accessories to elevate your style. This could be sunglasses in a startling colour like orange to break up an earthy colour scheme. Chest wipes are also often used for the same purpose.

  5. Use colours in moderation

    Essentially, Italian style is still about finding the perfect balance. If you use too much colour, it detracts from the overall impression. Study Italian men and how they use colour in both clothing and accessories!

Italian men’s style spring/summer 2022

style tips for men dress like an italian

If you wish to dress elegantly Italian, there are a variety of prominent brands in different price ranges we can recommend. Here we take a closer look at men’s styles from some of these Italian brands.

Italian trousers – the best in the world

stylish italian pants

Perhaps the greatest craftsmanship in clothing from Italy is their trousers. Incotex is well known as one of the best manufacturers of trousers in the world. But in recent years we have also seen many stylish models from brands such as PT01 and Briglia 1949.

We can justifiably name these as the top manufacturers of stylish trousers for men!

Brunello Cucinelli – luxury Italian menswear

how to dress lika an italian man

Brunello Cucinelli is one of the most prominent Italian brands on the menswear scene right now. What began as a company that focused primarily on cashmere garments in the 1970s has now grown into a lifestyle brand with everything from suits to premium home furnishings.

Earthy shades of beige and off-white have always featured prominently in Brunello Cucinelli’s collections. Examples of how you can use different shades of brown, beige and white to create a stylish whole. Suede shoes are a perfect match for earthy colours. Colour matching has always had a prominent place in creating a stylish whole.

Herno – stylish Italian outerwear

italian outerwear wests

Different types of vests are a key item in the Italian wardrobe. This is of course partly to do with the climate. It is a versatile garment to wear during late autumn, winter and spring in Italy.

Herno is one of the Italian brands that offers high quality outerwear for men. Here you will find both jackets and vests of the highest quality.

Lardini – traditional craftsmanship with innovation

stylish menswear italian

One of the trends in classic menswear is the return to higher waists with double front pleats. Something we can see in several of the key pieces at Lardini.

The silhouette is loose and casual, with comfort at the forefront. Here too there is a return to the golden era of menswear from the 1930s. Unconstructed and unlined jackets are some of the key pieces in the Lardini collections.

Boglioli – unconstructed jackets for summer

best italian brand for blazers

One brand that always comes in like a fresh spring wind in menswear is Boglioli. It is especially in the spring and summer collections that you will find the real gems, with jackets in linen and comfortable jersey fabrics.

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