Creed perfumes – Best in test

creed perfumes best in test

Among the most mythical and exclusive perfume brands in the world is undeniably the venerable Creed. In this Creed perfume review, we have picked out the most popular perfumes from Creed and ranked them all. Check out our Creed perfumes Best in test here!

Many of Creed’s fragrances were originally created for celebrities and royalty in the 1930-40s. The fragrances have since been stored in Creed’s vaults where over 200 recipes have been kept since its inception in 1760. Nowadays, however, the fragrances are more accessible to the public, but there is still a mystery surrounding the craftsmanship that makes it unique in the perfume world.

Which Creed perfume is the best?

In our Creed perfume test, we’ve chosen to test some of the most classic and venerable of Creed’s perfumes. These are some of the most famous among the more than 200 unique perfumes that Creed has produced over the years.

When it comes to exclusive and often more expensive perfumes like Creed’s, samples are a great way to test your way to finding your favourite. Below we’ve ranked the best Creed perfumes, with the one we like the most coming out on top.

Creed perfumes Best in test

Here are the results of our Creed perfumes Best in test:

1. Santal EdP

Our absolute favourite in our Creed perfume test is Santal EdP. Especially for festive occasions, it’s a great choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd with a unique and pleasant scent aura around them. Creed Santal is an oriental fragrance inspired by the royal and spiritual India. Sandalwood together with spices and herbs blend to become the exotic fragrance that Creed Santal is.

A 5/5 score is given to this fragrance, in everything from how long it lasts to its uniqueness and scent qualities. We have yet to meet anyone who would dislike the scent and we have only received positive feedback from those around us when wearing this.

2. Virgin Island Water EdP

creed perfumes best in test

A fragrance that stands up well in competition with Santal EdP is Virgin Island Water and it ranks second in our Creed perfume test. This one can be worn for summer thanks to its wonderful coconut notes. A magical fragrance feast where fresh citrus notes are mixed with sweet notes of coconut and exotic flowers.

The fragrance was inspired by Olivier and Erwin Creed’s sailing holiday in the Caribbean. Again, it gets full marks for qualities such as longevity, uniqueness and the fragrance itself. Coconut is a sought-after fragrance note in perfumes, but it’s quite hard to come by. Together with lemon, it marries into a fragrance explosion that is unique of its kind.

3. Aventus EdP

creed perfumes best in test

Aventus is the most popular of Creed’s perfumes throughout history and it was celebrated with a new edition in 2010 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the perfume house. Creed Aventus is created to celebrate strength, vision and success, inspired by the dramatic life of war, peace and love lived by the Emperor Napoleon. On the front of the bottle we see a rider on a prancing horse. A classic portrayal of both Emperor Napoleon and men in positions of power in general.

The fragrance is not very noticeable on first acquaintance, i.e. immediately after applying it to the skin. But it is one of those perfumes that take off after it has been on the skin for a while. Then the base notes of musk and other notes come to the fore. This is a perfect all-round perfume that is equally suitable for everyday use and for parties. A perfume that is both fresh and luxurious.

4. Green Irish Tweed EdP

best creed perfumes

If you are looking for an original and very masculine fragrance, this is the right choice. Just as the name suggests, the fragrance brings to mind the typically British and everything associated with it.

Green Irish Tweed is a signature scent for Creed and one of the most popular masculine fragrances the perfume house has had over the years. Celebrities such as Richard Gere and Robert Redford have Green Irish Tweed as a personal favourite. It’s a perfume that lasts a very long time and even for originality it gets full marks. The base notes of amber, cedar and iris are very strong and make this perfume one of the more recognizable fragrances on the market.

5. Imperial Millesime EdP

best creed scents in test

At first acquaintance, Creed Imperial Millesime may seem like a typical fresh fragrance especially suited for summer due to the sensual heart notes of lemon and bergamot. After a while, however, the base note of musk emerges and contributes to making this a warm and sensual fragrance.

Imperial Millesime is inspired by Sicily’s sunny sea coast and its citrus trees. An excellent everyday fragrance for both winter and summer.

6. Silver Mountain Water EdP

creed scents in test

This is a fragrance that is somewhat similar to the aforementioned Imperial Millesime. However, after a while on the skin, the woody base notes emerge, making Silver Mountain Water a more masculine scent.

Inspired by Oliver Creed’s passion for skiing, it is designed to evoke small streams of melted snow in the Swiss Alps.

7. Love in White EdP

best creed perfume for women

This is a very feminine fragrance and one of the most popular pure women’s fragrances from Creed. Love in White was the first fragrance created by Olivier Creed and contains handpicked ingredients from 5 different continents to evoke memories of his sailing adventures around the world. Orange blends with fragrant flowers and finishes with notes of vanilla, amber and sandalwood.

8. Original Vetiver EdP

creed fragrances

Vetiver is a popular ingredient in perfumes and Creed Original Vetiver may well be one of the purest vetiver fragrances to be found on the market. In this interpretation, to the slightly woody character of the Vetiver fragrance, citrus as well as other ingredients have been added for extra freshness.

We prefer fragrances where Vetiver is used in a more subdued role, but for summer it feels fresh as an everyday fragrance. John F. Kennedy, among others, was a faithful user of this perfume during his lifetime. The perfume was launched in 1948.

Brief history of Creed

Creed was founded back in 1760 when James Henry Creed opened his first perfume shop in London. The perfumes quickly became a favourite among the aristocracy and Queen Victoria hired Creed as the official supplier to the court.

Soon the reputation spread to other courts around Europe and some famous users of Creed’s perfumes included Napoléon III, Empress Eugénie of France, Emperor Franz-Joseph, Empress Sissi of Austria-Hungary and Queen Christina of Spain.

On the initiative of Empress Eugénie, the Creed perfume house moved to Paris in 1854 and its flagship store is still in the same city. Creed was long one of the best kept secrets in the perfume world, known mainly among the rich and famous. The list of famous people who have used Creed’s perfumes goes on and on, ranging from famous statesmen to stars of the film and sporting worlds. Winton Churchill, Cary Grant, Michelle Obama, Richard Gere and Frank Sinatra are just some of the famous people who have used Creed over the years.

Although the brand is now widely known around the world, it has managed to keep the company in the Creed family over seven generations. This has also contributed to Creed’s exclusive reputation in a perfume industry flooded with global brands with big marketing budgets.

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