Trends in classic menswear spring/summer 2022

trends in classic menswear spring summer 2022

Most major fashion houses have now released their collections for autumn and summer 2022. It looks better than ever we can promise! Exciting new colours, mixed with creative silhouettes is something we can see. All this with inspiration from the golden decades of men’s fashion. Here we go through trends in classic menswear spring/summer 2022.

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Here you find best classic men’s fashion online

best classic menswear online

What is classic menswear?

what is classic menswear

What exactly is classic menswear? The term is often used synonymously with suits and other tailored garments. Actually, classic menswear is something that should be used to describe all the garments that can be worn year in and year out, without being overly influenced by current trends.

Although trends can be used to describe changes in details and silhouettes, it is still essentially the same type of garment that we wear year after year in classic menswear.

Inspiration for the collections

It is clear that we are living through a period where inspiration is drawn from the 1930s and a few decades ahead in classic menswear spring/summer 2021. These are often referred to as the golden decades regarding classic menswear.

In the early 2000s, tighter fits on suits and low waists on trousers became popular. Now we can again see a return to more classic silhouettes and looser fits.

However, we have more variety in men’s fashion today than was the case in, for example, the 1940s, from which the images here come. For a long time, the British silhouette and cut was dominant. This included clearly marked and padded shoulders, and a distinct waistline.

From the 1950s, brands such as Italian Brioni would introduce lighter fabrics, while unconstructed jackets also began to appear on the market. At the moment, we see the Italian men’s style is very popular with many models in alternative fabrics and lighter construction.

Nowadays, however, it is not only Italian brands that produce unconstructed jackets and suits in lighter fabrics. Swedish Oscar Jacobson, among others, is an example of brands that have a wide range of this type of jackets.

It can feel wrong to talk in terms of trends when it comes to classic menswear. Isn’t this supposed to be timeless and not move according to trends? Surely there is something in this. But even in this area, it is clear that there are colours, details and silhouettes that vary from year to year in the collections that are launched.

color trends in menswear spring summer 2022
color trends in menswear spring summer 2022

The colour palette for spring and summer is always brighter than during the winter months. There is an increasing focus on earthy colours even for this year’s spring and summer collections.

Green colours in different shades, with olive green being prominent. Beige and muted turquoise shades are also trend colours in classic menswear at the moment.

color trends in menswear spring summer 2022

Pastel colours are also the popular ones in summer wear due to the retro charm they have. Also look out for elegant colours like “Royal Blue” like those in the spring and summer collection from Boglioli above. A colour that brings to mind movies like Talented Mr Ripley and the summer fashion of the 1960s.

Fit and silhouette

Looking at the collections launched for spring and summer, it is clear that we are seeing more and more garments with classic elements of high waists on trousers and front pleats. These style elements have been prominent for several years now.

But at the same time, it is a trend that is only increasing as we look at the spring and summer collections. This can be seen whether it’s tailored pieces like suits or more casual fashions.

Key pieces in classic menswear spring/summer 2022

For spring and summer, lighter fabrics always come into play. Garments in linen are once again becoming topical to wear. Italian brands with their unconstructed jackets are especially popular for the spring and summer season.

Lightweight linen blazers

Linen jackets are a must for spring and summer wardrobes. It is easy to combine with chinos and suit trousers. Go for different colours in jackets and trousers.

The overshirt

One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the inclusion of more garments in functional materials in the collections. Since we are now also forced to stay at home, we have seen more and more fashion houses investing in so-called hybrid garments.

Functional is the watchword, whether it’s traditional fashion houses or newer players. One of the key pieces in recent years, even in classic men’s fashion, has become the overshirt. It is a garment that combines traditional details with modern elegance.

Safari jacket

The classic safari jacket never seems to go out of fashion. For this season, it is more relevant than ever. Various shades of olive green are the focus when we check out the range in the collections.

Polo Shirts

Spring and summer polo shirts have now also landed in online stores. Go for earthy colours like olive green in different shades. There is also a wide range of fabrics to choose from for polo shirts. Take the opportunity to wear a soft cotton picket sweater this season.

With its short sleeves and elegant collar, this pique is easy to combine with other garments. A must-have for your spring and summer wardrobe!

polo shirt James Bond style

A classic summer garment is always a Sunspel polo shirt. This one is in a warp-knitted and breathable cotton mesh, called Quality 75. The polo shirt was originally tailored for Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond in the film Casino Royal.

High-waisted trousers with classic details

When it comes to key pieces for spring and summer, of course we can’t ignore trousers. High-waisted trousers with classic details are one of the hottest fashion trends, whether it’s classic menswear or more general men’s fashion trends.

We can find lots of stylish trousers in lighter materials with a classic cut, like the models from Italian Rubinacci and Incotex. These are brands we can highly recommend if you are looking for trousers in a classic cut this summer.

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