How the famous figures of history would have looked like as Royal Tailored men

Napoleon in a suit

In year 1916 The Royal Tailors Chicago-New York published a catalogue called If they came back for Easter Sunday : how the famous figures of history would look as Royal Tailored men. In a few illustrations they showed how some of the most famous figures in history would look like if they had been wearing the tailored clothes from the company.

There’s not much information about The Royal Tailors Chicago-New York nowadays, more than that they took customer service seriously.  In the catalogue they have six examples of how they provide “patented” better ways of Royal Tailor Service.

Below are a few of the men mentioned in the catalogue – men that you probably haven’t seen in suits from the 1910s before. Together with the illustrations we are also provided with a description of what characterized the persons – a thing that influenced the choice of attire if the persons.

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