Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

Amazon Prime wardrobe review

Customers should always know about the stores they make purchases from. To guide you better, we will further discuss what Amazon Prime Wardrobe is and what it offers. It is a very useful online store that can do wonders for your wardrobe. Rather than ordering from different websites, you will find Amazon Prime more reliable and convenient to use as you can order everything from there.

  • Buy new clothes easily with Amazon Prime Wardrobe
  • Have new clothes dropped at your door 
Amazon Prime Wardrobe is an online store for clothes shopping. You will find stuff for any gender and any age group here. You can even buy shoes and other accessories here, and it allows you to try things on before purchasing them! The clothes are dropped at your door – you can test them for 7 days and pay only if you decide to keep them.
Amazon Prime wardrobe review

The best part is that you get to pick whichever brand you like. There are many brands available, including Levis, Amazon Essentials, and Raybans. Imagine all these high-end brands all available in one store, where product delivery is free of charge! Even the items you return are free of delivery charges, leaving you free to purchase the items you like most and give back the rest.

How does Amazon Prime Wardrobe work?

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is very easy to use. It allows you to try up to eight items before making a purchase decision. They don’t deduct any money from your credit card unless you confirm a purchase; it’s great. When you decide what you want to order, add the item to your cart. Next, just place your order. It has a separate checkout from other Amazon items.

Now patiently wait and your items will be delivered within six to seven business days. The company then offers you seven days to try them on. Try the items in the comfort of your home and make a decision in your own time. Once you’ve chosen, you must check out. Go to your order and mark what you want to keep within seven days of delivery.

Is Amazon Prime Wardrobe worth it?

Amazon Prime offers customers a unique chance to try items on before buying them. No other online store at such a large scale offers such great convenience. Since they only accept credit cards, you don’t have to worry about keeping cash for cash on delivery. Every time you return an item, Amazon Prime sends you a confirmation email to inform you they received everything you returned.

Another factor is that you do not have to make a new account to give yourself access to their wardrobe. If you have an Amazon premium account, the wardrobe is an added benefit you receive! Additionally, they also offer good discounts and bundle offers, including a six-month membership trial. It may be possible that the items might not be available and have different delivery time frames.

  • Pros: Try items on before purchase, large range of selection, free delivery.
  • Con: Not all items may be available.

What does Amazon Prime Wardrobe cost?

The Amazon Prime membership costs you around $12.99 a month, where the items you buy are separate from this membership cost. Also, they are usually affordable and you can buy anything that suits your pocket expense. You also get a 10% discount if you keep four to five items from your order. You can only use credit cards at least 90 days before their expiration deadline.


Do not miss out on such a great opportunity to revamp your wardrobe – there are new styles and fashionable items to take a look at and try out! You can take advantage of the site’s many discounts to save money and get more clothing items. Keep what suits you and return what you feel might not be the best option – what have you got to lose?

You can also buy items as gifts for your loved ones. Now you won’t have to run from shop to shop to find something that they like. Get 7-8 items delivered and ask them which one they truly love! Such easy payment methods and an easy-to-use site should not be taken for granted. Amazon Prime Wardrobe makes online shopping easy for the world, so try it!

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