The art of looking like a gentleman – winter edition

the art of looking like a gentleman

As winter is slowly approaching and it gets increasingly colder, our wardrobes and daily routines change as well. Here are a few tips to help you get through this cold season while still carrying yourself like a proper gentleman.

Taking good care of your beard

Your face is typically the first thing people notice about you – hence why it is so important for your beard to stay groomed. A nice daily beard routine can also help you feel better about your appearance, and as a bonus, your beard will help keep you warm throughout the winter. There are so many products out there these days, so try out different things and find what works for you.

Whether you want to trim it with a good old razor or an electric shaver is up to you, as long as you remember to trimma skägg, as they say in Sweden – and they sure do know how to take care of beards and how to get through cold winters. They are known for being Vikings, after all.

How to find the right headwear

Staying in the Swedish theme for headwear, you might consider getting both a Stetson Kepsar och Sixpence to keep your head warm. The right type of hat is essential for the gentleman. You should opt for getting a couple of different types of headwear, so you do not end up wearing the same thing every single day for the entire season. This is a great way to sport different looks and ensure that your style never gets boring.

Staying warm with the right coat

Now that you have implemented a daily routine for your beard and it is well-groomed and shiny, and your head stays warm with the season’s coolest hats, it is about time to talk about coats. Besides your beard and your headwear, your coat is what other people are going to see you wear out and about throughout the winter.

Therefore, it is essential that your coat can keep you warm and that you choose one that can complement different outfits. A classic choice would be a long, woollen coat. It goes with nearly everything, keeps you warm, and it definitely exudes gentleman vibes. Try to keep the colour quite neutral to ensure that you can change up your outfits and your hats without clashing with your coat. Black, grey, beige, and dark navy tend to go with everything.

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