Style guide for men spring/summer 2022

Men's style guide spring summer 2022

Too often the style advice we get is too general and bland. The right colour combinations and fit are important, but it’s just as much about the garments you choose to combine. In our style guide for men spring/summer 2022, we take a closer look at these issues.

We’ve already shared plenty of style tips in the past, including our spring and summer 2022 men’s fashion page. Here we summarise those style tips and also come up with some new ones.

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Men’s style guide for spring and summer 2022

We’re focusing pretty far on stylish, timeless and classic menswear when we share our style tips in our men’s style guide. Actually, words like classic and timeless are two pretty well-worn terms in menswear. Because there are trends in this area too, no matter what many people say.

Style guide for men spring/summer 2022

In this day and age, many fashion houses draw inspiration from the 1930s and a few decades ahead. This combined with newer garments like overshirts is a trend that is probably here to stay.

Style guide for men spring/summer 2022

There are many illustrations and fashion catalogues from the 1930s and usually the focus was suits. After all, until the 1960s, suits were the garment worn by men in most contexts.

Style guide for men spring/summer 2022

However, we recommend that you look primarily at the available men’s fashion from these decades you should check when looking for inspiration for spring and summer clothing. However, it is much more difficult to find pictures and illustrations of these garments.

It’s in the details

The right fit is important for anyone who wants to dress nicely. Still, many of the garments we see for spring and summer are more forgiving in terms of body fit than they have been in previous years. There is now a looser silhouette on many garments, even in classic menswear.

For spring and summer, there is a lot of focus on the details of individual garments. In our style guide for men, these are some of the most important:

  • Pick up style influences from the 1930s and 1940s
  • A looser silhouette on key spring and summer pieces
  • Choose front pleats on trousers and avoid the tightest styles
  • Open-collar picket sweaters are also a piece that’s easy to mix and match.
  • Opt for bandanas and scarves to add that little something extra to your outfit

A few words on colour choices

Colour theory when it comes to clothes is not an exact science. What could be wrong in theory, can be right when you combine colours on clothes. The earthy colours of spring and summer are also easy to combine into a stylish whole.

Monochrome and colour-in-colour can be combined in many ways among the earthy colours. Contrary to existing colour theories, we challenge you to look for neighbouring shades rather than contrasts when choosing clothes for spring and summer.

Learn when you can break with conventional style etiquette

There are some etiquette rules regarding men’s style. Often, however, these are outdated and have no relevance today. Common sense should be the guiding principle. Remember that many of the rules came into being at a time when etiquette issues still pretty much ruled men’s fashion.

Wearing a hat outdoors was a must and anything other than black shoes after 6pm was a breach of etiquette.

formal attire in the 1940s

Of course, if the invitation card says dark suit or formal attire, you should follow the rules. But otherwise, common sense pretty much rules the day.

Knowing when and how to violate proper etiquette is something of an Italian expertise. That’s why we recommend you take inspiration from the Italians in how you dress this spring and summer.

Wear the right shoes

Shoes are more important than you think when it comes to stylish dressing. It’s also something that’s often overlooked when reading a style guide for men.

Make sure you choose the right shoes for the outfit. Loafers are always right for summer when you want to dress stylishly. Have at least one pair of loafers and one pair of sneakers in your wardrobe this spring and summer.

Sneakers are a modern shoe, which to some extent has changed the way we men dress. This one you can wear with most of the styles for everyday life, whether you wear shorts or chinos.

stylish summer shoes for men 2022

There are many followers of classic men’s style who consider it a violation of existing style etiquette to wear only ankle length shoes.

We believe that high socks are something you can wisely leave out if you want to dress stylishly this spring and summer. However, when wearing leather loafers or leather sneakers, make sure to wear socks that don’t show in low-top shoes to avoid foot sweat making the shoes smelly.

Also, choose a model that has silicone at the heel to keep them up properly.

Style guide for overshirts

There’s no getting away from the fact that different styles of overshirts are the big fashion items of spring and summer. This is true whether it is street style or classic menswear.

Style guide for men spring/summer 2022

There are many ways to combine different garments with overshirts. Make sure you have at least one open collared shirt in your wardrobe. It gives an elegant look reminiscent of the gentlemen of the 1930s.

polo shirt with open neck 2022

Overshirts are often loose in design, so double-fronted chinos are a great choice for dressing up. Choose a pair of loafers if you want a dressed-up look.

If you want to wear jeans, it’s best to go for a looser style. It gives the right proportions. Bright jeans go extremely well with most of the earthy colours of spring and summer.

Style tip – pair them with a jacket

Whether we’re in a pandemic or not, the blazer will always be a key piece of clothing for a true gentleman. It’s part of having at least one linen blazer in your wardrobe for summer.

style guide for men spring summer 2022

Go for an unconstructed blazer with no lining in the shoulders. These are available from many of the Italian brands. You can either go for a linen suit or odd jacket and combine with chinos that have double front pleats.

Add a bandana for an elegant ensemble. More and more brands are now investing in bandanas for this summer. An incredibly stylish detail that exudes 1930s elegance.

Style guide for spring and summer trousers

mens trousers with high waist and pleats

Chinos have always been an important part of what is known as casual wear. What’s new in this area is that most brands are now going for front pleats on chinos. This is meant to be stylish and casual at the same time. Now we are seeing a looser silhouette on chinos with a high waist and double front pleats.

But at the same time, several of the best sellers remain where we see chinos with tapered legs from brands like Incotex, Lardini and Rubinacci. These are models that are flattering especially for men with great leg shapes.

Make sure to bring out the elegant details on these chinos by choosing pique shirts or shirts that you can tuck inside your trousers. Avoid too tight t-shirts or pique shirts if you choose this type of trousers.

Once again, remember the proportions! If you have trousers with a looser fit, the top must also have the same silhouette.

Leave out the belt. But if you absolutely must have a belt, go for a braided version in leather or fabric.

stylish mens style mens spring summer shoes 2022

A common style mistake for us men is wearing trousers that are too long. There are many models of trousers in the collections for this spring and summer that are meant to be a little shorter in length. This is to allow room to show off the ankles.

Another important style detail is also the turn-up of the trousers, which more and more models of trousers now have.

Style guide when wearing shorts

There are many brands focusing on stylish models of shorts for summer 2021. As with chinos and suit trousers, high waists and double front pleats are part of classic men’s style.

Style guide for men spring/summer 2022

Often this type of shorts is presented together with loafers. However, we believe that this shoe model is not the one you should go for with shorts. It becomes something of a stylistic clash between the casual and the dressed-up.

men's style guide how to wear shorts 2022

Instead, go for sailing shoes, car shoes or other similar styles such as espadrilles, shoes with a lower sole and that move a step further away on the formality scale.

Never wear socks with shorts. If you want to protect the leather of high-quality sailing or car shoes, then low socks are the way to go. Socks that completely hide the upper leather of the shoe.

The picket sweater is one of those garments that will always look good with shorts. So for the summer, make sure you have lots of different colours of pique ready!

But also make sure you have some knitted jumpers ready for cooler days. Especially for summer tan skin, a cable-knit white sweater looks incredibly stylish.

Tips for dressing for the beach

For summer, it’s a good idea to have at least one pair of swimming trunks. Choose a classic model with stylish details. You should also opt for a short-sleeved shirt with an open button fastening. This will give you a stylish look that is different from how you dress in everyday life.

In our style guide for men, we recommend that you challenge yourself to go out on a limb this spring and summer. Remember that style is also about challenging yourself and how you are used to dressing. It can be an incredibly liberating feeling to dress differently from what you’re used to!

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