Proper Etiquette When Meeting Someone For The First Time — The Gentleman Way

Oftentimes, an introduction leads to a new friendship or business alliance.

First impressions matter. They are not the only things that count towards a good reputation, but they can have a big impact. Here are the basics on how to make a proper introduction:

Stand Up

When you are meeting new people, if you can, choose to do it in person. It shows respect. It means that you consider them important enough for you to make an effort to see them.

Make Eye Contact

Looking at them directly in the eye indicates engagement and focus. It shows that you are interested in the other person. Staring at the wall, your watch, or your phone shows the opposite.


Even if you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, try to look happy to see your new acquaintance. A scowl immediately places the other person on defence, while a smile is like open arms.

Offer To Shake Hands

Welcome the person and extend your hand. You will come across as assertive. Do not wait for the other person to take a lead. Shake firmly. A limp hand leaves a poor impression. And keep your spare hand by your side. Nowadays, a fist bump is highly acceptable during informal meetings.

Introduce Yourself

Say your name, why you are there and what you do.

Observe The Hierarchy

If you are making the introductions, introduce less senior people to more senior ones. Start with the name of the senior person, then introduce the junior person to them. As you did when you introduced yourself, give some context.

Get the Name Right

Make sure that you remember the name of anyone you have been introduced to, and use the name properly. It is better to ask the person to repeat the name than to keep using an incorrect one.

Be a proper gentleman and try to do the proper etiquette when meeting new people.

Can you think of a time when an introduction went particularly well for you? Or badly? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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