How Couples Can Spruce Things Up In The Bedroom

Can sex toys really improve your sex life?

Sex toys were once considered taboo, dirty, or perverted. But nowadays, more and more individuals (and couples) reach for a far more intimate type of technology. Thus the demands for sex toys have increased over the past years.

Introducing sex toys to your relationship

There is still a great deal of hesitancy for couples to use sex toys but open and honest communication is essential. There are a variety of sex toys available nowadays meant to be used by couples during foreplay and during intercourse.

Trust and timing

Suggesting the use of sex toys at the beginning of a relationship might not be a good idea. Your new partner might think you are saying he or she doesn’t satisfy you. Developing trust before discussing sex toys is important.

The partner who desires to use a sex toy should be able to communicate that desire openly without being judged, shamed, or otherwise pulled away from.

Enhancing the relationship should be your main goal

When a partner brings up the idea of sex toys, some might see it as a critique of their abilities to satisfy their partner. When introducing the idea of sex toys, make sure to focus on how they can enhance an already fulfilling sex life. Incorporating sex toys can boost sexual satisfaction and the relationship. And couples should do the research, it always helps.

Be honest and specific

Have an idea of the type of sex toy you want to try. Explain what the toy is and how you think it will enhance your sex life.

Do not force it

If your partner isn’t interested, let it go, at least for now. You can introduce the subject again sometime, but be careful not to push too hard. Sex toys are supposed to add fun, not to add stress.

Buy the gadget together

Research and look at the different gadgets together. Listen to each other and choose the gadget that will best enhance your lovemaking. There are some reputable online shops, and to make things easier for you there are also comparison sites that test sex toys. Here you find reviews of different sex toys:

Do not take it seriously

Have fun, and make sure to have a sense of humour. This could be an opportunity for you and your partner to deepen your relationship by laughing together as you explore the possibilities.

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