Niche Toothpastes Brands You Want To Show Off

niche toothpaste
Bougie for your toothy.

Most of our oral hygiene shopping list consists of buying whatever happens to be on the store rack. But we should start caring a bit more about what we squirt on our toothbrushes. 

Common brands of toothpaste aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing, and even though they are effective, they simply do not sit pretty on our bathroom vanities. However, there are niche old and new brands that are ready to go into battle in the name of both hygiene and aesthetics. Flavoured with spices such as liquorice, clove and cinnamon, loaded with antibacterial and brightening properties and presented most beautifully, your sink and your smile will always look their best.

Below are some of our favourite tubes of toothpaste that are both efficacious and splendidly elegant.

MARVIS, Italy (1958)

The brand’s website describes its products as cheeky, iconic and original, in one word: contemporary.

Marvis is probably the most glamorous toothpaste there is. It’s Italian, it comes in sophisticated flavours like Amarelli liquorice, Jasmin and Ginger and it’s packed in its fashionable silver tube with colour-coordinated cap. The company recently updated its formula, they have added fluoride and removed harmful parabens. It is enjoyable to use, and, of course, it’s a huge pleasure to look at on your bathroom counter.

niche toothpaste
MARVIS Classic Strong Mint

If you like the classics, you can try all 3 of the brands fresh and minty flavours in this travel pack.

MARVIS Travel With Flavour

For those who want to try them all, below is a gift set that comes with all 7 Marvis toothpaste flavours.

MARVIS Flavour Collection Gift Set


The Sheffield father-son dentist duo invented the first toothpaste and toothpaste in a tube inspired by the son’s travels to Europe watching painters squirting paints from a tiny silver tube.

The full line of Dr Sheffield’s Toothpaste is certified according to the strict standards of the Natural Products Association and contain no fluoride, GMOs, synthetic detergents or foaming agents, and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. And safe for children ages three and over.

DR. SHEFFIELD’S Certified Natural Toothpaste (Peppermint)

EUTHYMOL, U.S (1896)

This bright-pink coloured toothpaste that comes in a WW1-era like packaging tastes like an amaro, an Italian liqueur with a hint of spearmint. It is antiseptic and fluoride-free.

You would not believe it but this brand is quite hard to find. The easiest way to get a hold of one is probably from Amazon.

niche toothpaste 2021
Euthymol Original Toothpaste


If you prefer polishing your chompers au natural, this brand is your best bet. Dr Bronner’s is famous for its natural, organic and eco-friendly soaps.

According to Wikipedia, the company was founded by Emanuel Heilbronner, a Jewish immigrant soap-maker who fled Germany in 1928 and dropped the “Heil” from his name because of its association with Hitler.

Bronner was a fervent promulgator of his own syncretic spiritual ideology and originally distributed the soap to those who attended lectures on his ‘All One’ philosophy, but soon became convinced that attendees were seeking soap rather than spiritual enlightenment. After this realization, Bronner began to print key tenets of his teachings on the soap bottles as a way to proselytize. The labels still include lengthy diatribes on the unity of mankind and the need to “unite spaceship earth”. In 2006, an 88-minute documentary film directed by Sara Lamm, entitled Dr Bronner’s Magic Soapbox, was released, and in 2017 the company released a spoken word album of Emanuel Bronner’s spiritual teachings.

This toothpaste is housed in a smart box and tube that are made from 100% recyclables. It comes in peppermint, cinnamon and anise flavours. A simple, yet effective breath of fresh air.

DR. BRONNER’S All-One Toothpaste (Peppermint)


This medicinal toothpaste was created by Dr Alberto Ferreira Couto, on June 13th 1932 in Porto, Portugal. He and his friend, a dentist, created this toothpaste, to protect the gums against gingival recession.

This toothpaste fights cavities and freshens breath without fluoride or parabens. You will love the bold, minty taste and nostalgic retro packaging.


AESOP MOUTHWASH, Australia (1987)

This refreshing bain de bouche helps maintain impeccable oral hygiene. Its alcohol-free formula provides a solution to the sensitive problem of oral malodour without disturbing saliva production of the natural pH of the mouth. This colourless mouthwash tastes like anise and spearmint.


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