LinkedIn shares 2022 predictions on B-to-B marketing and sales intentions

linkedin forecasts for 2022

LinkedIn shares some predictions for business-to-business marketing and interpretive buyers’ intent signals as 2021 comes to a close. LinkedIn marketing solutions are best b-to-b digital advertising that will be the same.

She said, “Previously, b-to b marketers could leverage the business-to-consumer strategy to drive campaign success. But those days are gone.” Marketers need to rethink everything, from the products they use to reach their audience to what campaign success looks like. This is new territory. This is uncharted territory. The brands that win – and truly redefine the future of b-to-b digital advertising – are those that are nimble and quick to test and repeat. They are the ones who never look back and push forward knowing that the future will not look the same but will be far more successful than ever before. Confidentiality, an understanding of buying groups and mining insights to evaluate buying signals are the foundation of the future. These insights will be used to create effective b-to-b marketing campaigns.

She stated that buyers have been able to benefit from virtual selling. But sellers have a harder time selling. There was a 30% decrease in buyer response this year compared to the pre-Covid benchmark. Sellers should also be more selective in who they contact. This can be done by using information about buyer intent to identify accounts they are targeting. Sellers who build their outreach strategy around signals of buyer intent – understanding what buyers are interested in right now and identifying where they are on their journey will be the ones who will achieve success in 2022.”

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