Learn What Wall Street Doesn’t Want Investors To Know

what wall street doesn't want you to know

When you think about building wealth, most people may think about investing in stocks, real estate, or bonds – but what about precious metals? Over the past decade, Central Banks have created massive distortions that have inflated all financial assets. These distortions have fueled an environment where stocks and bonds have never been more expensive, or more correlated. While financial assets have massively inflated, the prices of real goods and commodities have deflated.

Adam Baratta, author of Gold Is A Better Way: And Other Wealth Building Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know (Morgan James Publishing; August 14th) has written a book that has a much larger message than singular advice to buy gold. Gold Is A Better Way is intended to be a metaphor for a “return to wisdom and sound investing.” The book provides readers with the history of what truly drives markets and compares the performance of physical gold versus paper assets over time. The conclusion is that there is a far better strategy for building real wealth in the current massively distorted environment built on debt. Gold Is A Better Way makes the case for a return to sound investing as financial conditions around the globe continue to tighten.

gold as investment
Gold Is A Better Way: And Other Wealth Building Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know by Adam Baratta (PRNewsfoto/Adam Baratta)

One of the most well-respected and trusted figures in the investing space today, Baratta turns the strategies recommended by Wall Street on their head and highlights why the traditional recommendations for owning stocks and bonds as diversification is riskier today than at any time in history. Baratta draws a roadmap for how to win the game of investing, and more importantly, reveals the ultimate ‘why’ in order for investors to avoid loss and position their portfolios for strength as the Everything Bubble gets ready to pop in the coming years.  In this book readers will learn:

  1. Why gold is STILL the foundation of the Global Monetary System.
  2. Why diversifying your portfolio with Stocks and Bonds made great sense at one time, but now no longer does.
  3. Why despite record low volatility, risks have never been greater than they are at this moment in history.
  4. How we are in the late stages of a massive debt cycle that will lead to widespread defaults as interest rates continue to rise.
  5. How markets are cyclical and those investors who capitalize on rotating their positions ahead of the curve will gain out-sized returns while those that do not will suffer massive losses yet again.
  6. How gold has outperformed equities nearly 3:2 since the year 2000, even with gold down 40% and stocks at all-time highs.
  7. Why the biggest risk to the global economy are currencies that rapidly devalue and why that is more likely to happen now than at any time in history…

“Our markets have cycles. If you expect the next ten years to offer similar returns the last ten years provided, you are going to be wildly disappointed. Financial assets will struggle in the coming decade as interest rates rise and monetary policies tighten. Investors who move ahead of the curve can position themselves for outsized returns.”

Gold Is A Better Way strips away the confusion and complexities of investing that Wall Street induces and breaks down investment concepts to their simple fundamentals.

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