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It has been written a lot about the generation called Millennials lately. There are no precise dates for when this demographic cohort starts or ends, but everything from early 1980s to early 2000s are typically used as birth dates.

As described in the video below, this generation has been raised under the mantra “follow your dreams”, being told that they are special. The confidence among millennials has been argued to result in narcissism and a need to constantly feel entitled to different things. As a result they are entering adulthood with unrealistic expectations of life.


Regardless of whether it is true or not, everyone should learn that isn’t just about rights, but also about obligations. The life that we live today is often a direct consequence of the efforts earlier in life.

From the 1940s until the 1980s Coronet Instructional Media made som really interesting social guidance films featuring topics such as dating, family life, courtesy, and citizenship. The short stories were shown in public schools around America, but as most were produced early in the post-war film boom, they were subsequently often considered humorous in the context of the post mid-1960s sexual revolution and among later generations.

Perhaps it would be time to re-introduce the wisdom from these social guidance films to today’s youth. Below are some videos that could be used in different situations as guidance:

1. How to get and keep a job:

2. What is Business?

3. About the benefits of planning the life:

4. About the importance of Self-Reliance: 

5. How to develop Responsibility: 

6. How to make better use of Leisure Time: 

7. How to get the right habits:

8. How to behave in different situations, i.e. Social Etiquette: 

9. Everyday Courtesy:

10.Your attitude and its impact on yourself and your environment:

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