Shoe fashion 2022 – the shoe models you must have this spring and summer!

shoe fashion 2022

Shoes are extremely important if you want to be well dressed. Whole and clean shoes are a given, but it’s also important to choose the right shoes for the right outfit. Here we bring you the hottest trends in shoe fashion 2022, along with the classic shoe styles that must be in every wardrobe.

At the bottom, we also share our top tips for choosing shoes in 2022. Stay tuned!

Stylish shoe fashion 2022 – models for spring and summer

We focus mainly on spring and summer shoe fashion 2022, but we’ve also picked out styles that are just as suitable as year-round shoes. There are certain models of shoes that should be in every wardrobe for this season. Here we have gathered all the most stylish models. If you are interested in reading about classic shoe models for men, we can recommend the article we wrote earlier (you can find it via the link).

Sneakers – the biggest shoe fashion of 2022

stylish sneakers for men

Sneakers are the shoe model that has had the biggest increase in sales for several years now. This is understandable given its versatility. In fact, many people now wear sneakers even with a more dressed-up style such as a jacket or suit.

White and stylish leather sneakers are a must in men’s wardrobes. Try suede versions too if you want to vary. It’s important to choose exactly the right sole and model of sneakers when pairing them with different clothing styles.

Style tips! Pay attention to the details when choosing sneakers. If you want a style that is easy to combine with many different styles of clothing, choose one without too many details.

3 top sneaker brands:

Oxfords – shoes for suits

shoe fashion 2022 mens
Oxfords from Lake 1880

We are often asked what shoes to wear with a suit. Over much of the year, the obvious answer is Oxfords whatever the season. Especially in 2022 when English menswear has become so popular thanks to the increased interest in classic and timeless menswear.

When it comes to Oxfords, it’s also with one of the classic British shoe manufacturers that we recommend. It never pays to go for anything but the highest quality when it comes to buying Oxfords.

Style tips! The classic tip that black Oxfords are a safe choice is not one that applies in 2022. These are outdated etiquette rules that you don’t need to consider when choosing shoes. Instead, choose colours like mahogany, cognac or similar stylish options that with patina will only look better with age.

3 top brands for Oxfords:

Loafers – add elegance to your outfit

elegant shoe fashion 2022

There’s a reason why loafers are the Italians’ favourite footwear. Obviously, it has a lot to do with the climate, but the shoe style is also incredibly stylish to wear with both dressed-up chinos and suits.

There are mainly two models that we recommend among loafers; Penny Loafers and Tassel Loafers. The former is slightly more stripped down and versatile.

Style tips! Wear low socks that don’t show outside your loafers for spring and summer.

3 loafer brands to watch:

Braided sandals and loafers – perfect for summer

braided sandals for summer 2022

Braided sandals or loafers are a kind of hybrid model of shoes that are perfect for the summer months. These have a kind of vintage charm that exudes the 1940s and 1950s.

Above are leather sandals from Japanese brand Yuketen that are woven using traditional Mexican techniques. The Japanese brand makes shoes by hand from premium raw materials in a bold and innovative design.

Below that, you’ll see braided summer shoes from Rule London in both brown and black finishes.

Style Tip! Go for a pair of braided shoes this summer. These are a great alternative to sandals if you’re keeping your feet cool. They are also a step more formal than sandals and can therefore also be worn more versatile, for example with linen trousers.

Sandals – casual and stylish for summer

sandals quality

Your summer wardrobe should include at least one pair of high-quality sandals. Ditch all the plasticky versions and go for a pair of high-quality leather sandals from Birkenstock or Yuketen this summer.

For the best comfort, we recommend models that wrap around your feet, with adjustable straps around your feet. Remember that comfort is important when it comes to sandals too!

You can wear any of the more stylish sandals with long trousers and chinos too. But especially with shorts, sandals are the way to go. You often see men wearing loafers with shorts. However, in our opinion, it’s mainly sneakers, sailing shoes, car shoes or sandals you should wear with shorts.

The style tip! Never wear socks inside sandals. This applies whether you wear leather or rubber sandals.

3 brands with high quality sandals:

  • Birkenstock
  • Yuketen
  • Vagabond

Sailing shoes – classics that have regained popularity

shoe fashion summer 2022

Sailing shoes are distinctive summer shoes that are a more casual alternative to loafers. In the 1970s, Sebago launched the classic Docksides sailing shoes, which are still the most popular on the market today.

Wear sailing shoes with chinos, shorts or jeans if you dress casually. However, avoid this shoe style if you do dress up with a blazer or wear trousers with front pleats.

3 brands for sailing shoes:

  • Sebago
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Brunello Cucinelli

Car shoes – as an alternative to loafers

men's shoe fashion 2022

Car shoes are a comfortable shoe model to wear in summer thanks to the thin and stripped-down sole. Tod’s Gommino shoe is the most famous of all car shoes. In this series there are models both with and without laces.

Car shoes are a shoe model that is slightly tidier than the aforementioned sailing shoes and can be used for a tidy summer style. However, avoid wearing car shoes with a suit.

4 top brands for car shoes:

  • Tod’s
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Car Shoe
  • Gant

Shoe fashion 2022 – Tips for choosing a shoe model

how to choose shoes guide for men

There are a few golden rules worth keeping in mind when choosing shoes. Here we have collected some of them.

Our top tips for choosing shoes

  1. Go for quality

    Shoes are the one area where it really comes down to going for quality. You’ll immediately know if it’s about quality shoes right away when placing the shoes on your feet. Shoes are an area where it really pays to invest an extra thousand to get the best possible quality.

  2. Always opt for genuine leather

    There are few exceptions to this rule. Even when it comes to sneakers, leather is preferable for the best possible durability.

  3. Think about your style preferences

    For those on a big budget, it’s simple. Then you simply buy many different models that you can change according to your outfit. If you have a limited budget, we recommend going for a pair of sneakers and a pair of loafers for spring and summer. You can wear these in most situations.

  4. Dare to break style rules

    As a proponent of classic menswear, this is perhaps a bit of a contradictory style advice. But there are etiquette rules about shoes that are outdated and meant to be broken. In more formal settings, it’s fine to follow the usual etiquette rules, but otherwise there’s nothing that says you can’t wear sneakers or loafers with a suit.

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