Stylish men’s styles for spring and summer

Stylish men's styles for spring and summer
Image: The Style Stalker

Spring and summer clothes are finally arriving in full force at online menswear stores. Here we pick out some great men’s styles for spring and summer based on what we’ve seen so far.

Dressing stylishly is largely about having the ability to match colours, choosing the right fit for your garments and knowing which pieces go together. Even if you don’t have a natural interest in clothes, it’s entirely possible to achieve a stylish ensemble by applying a few simple principles.

Men’s Style Guide for Spring and Summer 2022.

Here you find stylish men’s styles for spring and summer

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Stylish men's styles for spring and summer 2022
Picture: The Style Stalker

Stylish men’s styles for spring and summer

By adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe, you can mix and match styles endlessly. Here are some examples of stylish men’s styles for spring and summer 2022.

Unconstructed jackets – a must-have in the men’s wardrobe

nice stylish men's style spring summer 2022
Foto: Pitti Uomo 96 / Adam Katz Sinding

We recommend having at least one high quality unconstructed blazer in your wardrobe. Among the safest cards is a navy blazer that can be worn in a variety of settings. Choose a model in stretch fabric that is comfortable to wear even in informal settings.

You’ll find stylish unconstructed jackets in both stretch cotton and linen at Italian brands such as Boglioli and Aspesi.

Style tip! Wear a pique shirt as an alternative to the shirt. Loafers are the ultimate shoe for the summer suit.

Vests – pieces that enhance style

Among Italians and other southern European countries, vests are extremely popular to wear. Even in our latitudes, this piece of clothing is versatile whatever the season. Especially for spring and colder summer days, it is really stylish to wear over a sweater.

Here are some examples of stylish vests from Italian Canali and Herno. These vests are also practical to use under outerwear.

Style tips! Use the vest in more unconventional ways too. Italians have a habit of wearing vests over their jackets. Why not try it this spring?

The overshirt – a versatile outer garment

One item of clothing that has really come on strong in men’s fashion in recent years is the overshirt. This is a very practical garment that has to some extent replaced thinner jackets.

The great advantage of overshirts is that they are suitable whether you want to dress formally or casually. If you wish to wear a cap, the overshirt is the optimal garment to combine with it.

Above you’ll find a new-for-season Eton overshirt. The shirt comes in a water-repellent cotton and nylon blend that is suitable for both spring and summer days. Next to this you’ll find a green overshirt from British Sunspel in the spring and summer trend colour olive green.

The question is whether the Swedish brand Oscar Jacobson doesn’t stand for the most stylish overshirt of the season. With two versions in rust brown and olive green with a stylish camp collar, it’s something of a hybrid between a blazer and an overshirt.

Trousers – go for tapered legs

We’ve already recommended high-waisted trousers with stylish waist details. Another detail that adds to the sense of style is trousers with tapered legs. This gives a perfect “fall” to the trousers that enhances your sense of style. Well-fitting trousers are always an underestimated detail of the whole!

Style tips! We recommend chinos in thin stretch fabric for spring and summer. This makes the trousers feel comfortable and gives them a natural look.

Loafers – shoes for spring and summer

There is no more distinctive summer shoe than loafers. These shoes, like the vest, are very popular in countries like Italy and are synonymous with the Italian style. If you want to dress up for summer, you should have a pair of stylish loafers in your wardrobe!

stylish loafers for men spring summer 2022

One of the most classic styles on the market is the Cavendish from Crockett & Jones. We also recommend checking out the range at Loake 1880 and Italian Santoni, who have just released new models of Penny Loafers.

Style tips! For many people, showing their ankles outside their shoes is a style faux pas. However, we recommend avoiding showing socks during the summer months. There are many practical varieties of socks on the market that you can hide inside loafers.

Summary – How to dress stylishly in spring and summer

Here we picked out some stylish men’s styles from the garments that have arrived in men’s fashion stores so far for spring and summer 2021. We have intense weeks and months ahead of us and new garments are arriving every day.

Below, we conclude with some style tips for those who want to dress stylishly this spring and summer.

How to dress stylishly as a man

  1. Dress classically

    No matter what age you are, we recommend sticking to a classic style. Classic menswear is not the same as suiting and formal style. Rather, it means buying timeless garments of excellent quality and in neutral colour tones that will stand the test of time.

  2. Combine the right colours

    Sometimes colour analysis is used to determine what colours you look good in. However, it’s even more important to know which colours go together. Nowadays, it’s easy to find style inspiration online if you’re unsure and want to experiment with different colours.

  3. Choose the right fit

    Although some garments look good on their own, it’s not a given that you’ll fit into them. Choose garments that suit your body shape and make sure that different garments have the right dimension in relation to each other. Symmetry is key!

  4. Dare to experiment with new styles

    Dressing nicely is all about daring, just like in any other area you want to get better at. By studying different style examples and trying things out for yourself, you will develop your sense of style.

  5. Build a wardrobe of key pieces

    One of the most common style mistakes we make is that we lack a strategy for how we want to dress. Build your wardrobe with a variety of high quality key pieces. Start by buying pieces in classic colours like navy and earthy colours like beige and brown. Then, in addition to this, you can improvise with more eye-catching patterns and colours.

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