10 most stylish overcoats for men in 2022

most stylish overcoats for men

Today we’re doing that by focusing on some classic overcoats inspired by the 1930s – a decade that’s having a big impact on men’s fashion right now.

Because there’s no doubt that the trends in men’s fashion 2022 showcase many of the details we saw in what’s often referred to as the golden era of classic menswear.

How to find overcoats with classic details

Several classic brands, such as British Crombie, hold on to tradition and have all the most classic styles in their range. They even have their very own model named after them.

If you’re looking for overcoats with classic details like chest pockets, double-breasted buttons and wide lapels, we recommend exclusive menswear sites like Mr Porter and Farfetch. This season, you’ll find stylish styles from a variety of brands.

classic overcoats for men

Further on in the text, we bring out examples of some of the most stylish classic models of overcoats this autumn and winter.

Brief history of the overcoat

history of the overcoat
George Stanhope, 6th Earl of Chesterfield pictured in 1837.

Let’s start with a brief history of the most common styles of our overcoats, starting with the Chesterfield coat. The Chesterfield is a long tailored overcoat named after George Stanhope, 6th Earl of Chesterfield, who was a pioneer of British fashion in the 1830s and 1840s.

The Chesterfield overcoat itself came into being around the 1840s and has largely retained its original design ever since. This overcoat is available in both single and double-breasted styles and in a variety of both heavier and lighter fabrics.

history of the overcoat
Image from the 1914 book The Foxhound of the twentieth century.

The Covert Coat model is a single-breasted, three-quarter length, close-fitting coat with concealed buttoning, ticket pocket and dark velvet collar. What few people know is that it has its origins in the 19th century and the leisure activities of the English upper classes such as hunting and horse riding.

Style rules for overcoats

style rules for overcoats

When wearing an overcoat with a blazer, one of the most important yet simplest style rules is that it should be long enough to avoid the blazer or other clothes you wear underneath it from standing out.

This is ensured by some of the classics when it comes to overcoats, the Covert Coat, the Crombie Coat or the Chesterfield Coat.

Men’s overcoat styles

stylish overcoats for men classic models

It is not easy to distinguish between coat models nowadays, as many fashion houses now produce models that combine elements from several different models.

Thus, one of the most common and at the same time most stylish coat models is called Chesterfield. What we are especially looking for in stylish overcoat models for 2022 is the classic details. It should preferably be wide pointed lapels, double buttoning and if possible a ticket pocket at the chest.

Most stylish overcoats for men 2022

Here we bring you some of the best looking models of overcoats for men 2022.

1. Dark brown – stylish for autumn and winter

stylish double breasted coats men

Stylish double-breasted coat from Oscar Jacobson. It has pointed lapels and is made from a thin wool blend with luxurious llama wool, giving it a fur-like texture.

2. Sherling collar – different and elegant

double-breasted coats with fur collar
double breasted overcoat with fur collar

Double-breasted coats with a fur collar have long been a rarity in men’s collections. Shown here is an outer coat from Oscar Jacobson in a classic longer style under the name Pekka with a detachable sherling collar.

It’s produced in a soft and lightly brushed wool and cashmere blend fabric. A very stylish piece for 2022.

Farfetch is the online menswear site with the largest selection of overcoats. Be sure to also check out their Pre-owned section to find classic styles of overcoats.

3. Beige and light grey – stylish options

elegant overcoats for men
double-breasted overcoats for men

Light grey or beige models are always stylish for autumn and winter. Here we have a double-breasted model from Italian Lardini, which is made from a fine wool quality.

4. Dark grey – a classic

stylish overcoats for men classic
stylish grey double breasted overcoat for men

Grey overcoats are great to combine with both brown and grey garments. Even the colour navy can be combined with the colour. Here we have a dark grey, double-breasted model with cashmere from Oscar Jacobson that makes the garment soft and supple. In addition, the cashmere fabric adds a luxurious sheen to the coat.

5. Camel – a wardrobe must-have

camel overcoat

A camel-coloured coat belongs in every stylish man’s wardrobe. If you want to find luxurious and stylish models of overcoats in cashmere this autumn and winter, we recommend BOSS, which has a large selection in this fabric.

6. Burgundy and rust – a pop of colour in your life

classic and stylish overcoats for men
stylish double breasted overcoat burgundy

In addition to the above-mentioned classic colours, we can recommend alternative colours such as burgundy and russet. It’s an easy way to add a splash of colour to the outfit. Here’s a stylish, double-breasted coat with a slim cut fit from Oscar Jacobson in cashmere.

7. Navy – classic elegance

classic double breasted overcoat for men
navy double breasted overcoat for men

Here’s a stylish, double-breasted coat from Oscar Jacobson in a slim cut fit. It’s a slightly shorter length than a classic coat, but it’s made from a wool quality with a touch of soft cashmere that gives the coat a really nice sheen.

8. Long styles – for formal occasions

long double breasted overcoats

If you want a more timeless and classic model in a long version, here is a version from Ralph Lauren. The Pekka model from Oscar Jacobson is another overcoat that is perfect for formal occasions.

9. The military coat – the return of an old classic

military overcoat for men

In the new collection from Kingsman, we find a double-breasted coat that with its gold-coloured buttons reminds a lot of the classic “The Great Coat” from Crombie.

10. The raglan coat – sought after but rare

raglan coat for men

Raglan coats are in high demand for 2022, and we’ve also seen overcoats in similar designs throughout the year. Z Zegna, among others, has a stylish model in its collection for 2022.

Where can you find the best looking coats for men 2022? Here we have collected the best looking coats online right now.

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