Men’s Fashion Winter 2020/2021 – Trends you should be wearing this chilly season

Men's fashion winter 2020
Fall/winter from Cesare Attolini

What does winter men’s fashion look like for men this year? In this guide, we take a closer look at all the colours, materials and patterns in Men’s Fashion Winter 2020/2021.

It has been a strange year, but we all know that owning beautiful clothes that you will want to wear forever will always cheer us up, even for a little bit, about the world.

Everything about men’s fashion 2022!

Men's fashion winter 2020
Ralph Lauren fall/winter 2020

Style tips for Winter 2020/2021

If you want tips on how to dress best in winter key pieces, we recommend you to look back to the 1930s onwards and see how men dressed back then.

Classic details are hotter than ever in men’s fashion. High-waisted, front folds and openings on the trousers, as well as double-breasted coats, are some of the classic details to keep an eye on.

men's fashion winter 2020/2021

The usual winter colour palette is slightly darker compare to Spring and Summer season. Earthy tones, like different shades of beige and brown.

The most deviations in comparison with previous seasons are that we now also see brighter shades during the winter season. This may be partly since the Italian style is very prominent in men’s fashion Winter 2020/2021.

color trends for men winter 2020 2021

Coat from HUGO BOSS made from a premium army-green wool-blend. It has a cut slim and is equipped with a pair of sizeable flap pockets for your phone, keys and wallet.

Materials in men’s fashion winter 2020/2021

We see a lot of Italian influences in the choice of materials in men’s collection for this winter. Cashmere is an essential material. Many brands collaborate with prominent brands such as Loro Piana to produce exclusive cashmere garments.

men's fashion winter 2020/2021
Fall and winter fashion from Brunello Cucinelli.

Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian brand that specializes in exclusive cashmere garments. Warm cashmere sweaters are amongst the most popular.

Flannel is also a key material in Winter wear. Top fashion houses have made durable flannel suits and trousers that are becoming more and more common in men’s collections.

Garments in corduroy fabrics are also trendy in men’s fashion this winter. The robust and warm corduroy fabric is practical to use in everything from jackets, trousers to suits.

Wool – it is more likely that that most of us own a few woollen apparels. Wool is widely used because it is ethical and more animal friendly. It is also hypoallergenic and extremely warm.


men's fashion winter 2020/2021

One category that requires a special mention this year is the stay-at-home fashion. As more and more of us are working from home, it is quite obvious that it also affects how we dress.

With few reasons to, you know, get dressed, loungewear is fast becoming the new everyday attire.

The unstable lockdown restrictions and the rise of remote working have made men all over the world to dress in stretchier, comfier garments.

Winter means the festive season

tuxedos for men winter 2020 2021

The festive season is here. Although most of us are probably going to celebrate at home or virtually this year, this does not stop us from dressing up for a special occasion. Tuxedo would be the first choice for a perfect gentleman.

Tuxedo is classic. And Tom Ford is one of the brands with the largest selection of tuxedos. The newly launched Kingsman Collection is also something to keep an eye on for those who like a tuxedo in classic cuts.

Key pieces for men’s fashion winter 2020/2021

What are the apparels that you should invest in this winter? Of course, it partly depends on which style you want to represent. Here are some of our top tips:

Double-breasted coats and jackets

double breasted coat for men winter 2020 2021

In formal, classic men’s fashion, we recommend that you invest in a coat with a double button. A double-breasted jacket is also something that you should have in your wardrobe.

Opt for classic colours such as navy or dark brown. Camel-coloured coats and jackets will never go out of style.

The Italian brand Canali is one of the brands we can recommend for those looking for stylish coats and jackets in men’s fashion winter 2020/2021.

Trousers with classic details

high waisted trousers with double folds

A trouser with classic details is something that we also recommend. High-waisted, single and double front folds are amongst classic details.
Rubinacci and Incotex are two Italian brands that we recommend. Both have launched stylish models of trousers for the season. This is one of the garments in men’s fashion winter 2020/2021 that has carried on from the summer.

Anoraks and Parkas

anoraks and parkas for winter 2020 2021

Although a lot of us get confused between anoraks and parkas, they are different garments. While parka is a hi-length jacket that is typically stuffed and features a fur-lined hood, an anorak is made with water-repellent material, hooded, pull-over jacket. Some anoraks feature draw-strings in the waist and cuffs.

If you want a stylish, slim-fit parka, there are several brands that have invested in stylish parkas in their collections for the winter of 2020.

Warm cashmere sweater

luxurious cashmere sweaters winter

Cashmere wool is also popular in sweaters. Traditionally, coarse knitted sweaters or sweaters in merino wool are popular with us. Now we can also see a greater interest in the exclusive cashmere fabric in sweaters.

High-quality, durable clothes are trendy right now. Sweaters in cashmere fabric are also in demand. Check out the selection of cashmere sweaters at Italian Masters Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli.

Comfortable garments for home

stylish old fashioned pajama

As mentioned above, loungewear is very popular and relevant this year.
As we spend more time at home, classic menswear such as old-fashioned slippers, pyjamas and bathrobes have also increased in demand.

Many of the men who are interested in classic men’s fashion are not content to dress carelessly even when no one sees them. Quality and style is a lifestyle that many men take pride in.

Keep an eye on the range at English Derek Rose and TEKLA if you are looking for stylish and comfortable loungewear. Derek Rose also have old-fashioned leather slippers that we can recommend for someone who wants to look posh and classy even when at home.

old-fashioned slippers winter 2020 2021

Shoes for the winter 2020/2021

Shoe fashion is perhaps what changes at least from year to year in winter collections.

warm and stylish winter shoes

Diemme is a brand that has become increasingly popular on the market. It is stylish, warm and most importantly, waterproof. Casual yet stylish.

In general, we want shoes that are comfortable and durable in men’s fashion winter 2020/2021. Quality and excellent shoe craftsmanship is important when it comes to winter shoes.

The accessories in Men’s Fashion Winter 2020/2021

cashmere scarves for the winter

For winter, warming and cosy accessories are a must. Flat caps are something that even younger men have started incorporating in their wardrobe nowadays. British tweed garments and wool are the most common.

High-quality gloves are something that all men should invest on. A pair of soft and durable leather gloves from Dents is what we recommend.

A warm and cosy scarf is an absolute must for winter. Get several different colours and patterns to match them with your clothes. Piacenza Cashmere is one of the brands we recommend for those looking for cashmere scarves for this winter.

FAQ – Men’s fashion winter 2020

What does men’s fashion look like in winter 2020?

– Classic style is here to stay. Pieces inspired by the 1930s are amongst the most popular.

What key pieces should we invest in winter 2020?

– Invest in double-breasted coats and jackets as well as sweaters in soft cashmere. For those who want to dress warm, we recommend a long parka.

What are the most popular colours in men’s fashion in winter of 2020?

– One must never go wrong with earthy tones. A lot of collections carry different shades of beige, brown and green.

What are the materials that were commonly used for men’s fashion in winter of 2020?

– Flannel has become increasingly popular in men’s fashion recently. Cashmere is also a must, from coats, sweaters to accessories.

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