Interior design tips for men – How to make it stylish in the apartment

interior design tips for men

What should you consider when decorating your apartment as a man? Here, we share our top interior design tips for men.

We’re all different, but in general we men are perhaps less interested in interior design than women. That doesn’t mean we’re less interested in a nice home, but it’s something that’s pretty deeply rooted in our view of what’s masculine and feminine.

Fortunately, this is changing. Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable for men to be interested in both beauty and interior design. We no longer have to think in terms of feminine or masculine and can affirm our interest in beautiful things in the home.

Best online stores for men’s home furnishings

At Macy’s, you’ll find a huge variety of home decor for men. You can also try your hand at a Virtual Room Designer. This allows you to upload pictures of your home so you can instantly see if the decorative items and furniture fit your home.

This is a very handy feature that makes it easier to plan your interior based on colour and function.

Male and female interior design

We often categorise interior design based on what is a masculine and feminine style of interior design. In this case, very white furnishings are often seen as feminine, while darker shades are seen as masculine.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It all depends on how you combine colours and make everything harmonious. Which colours go together in interior design is a whole science, which is why we often look to magazines or an interior design blog for inspiration when we want to get ideas for our home.

The most stylish interior design styles

Here we collect men’s interior design styles and share tips based on them. What should you consider when decorating different rooms? As we get into the details, you’ll see that there are many things you can do to make it more homely. It’s often in the small details.

Decorate like a hotel room

decorate like a hotel room

One style that many people strive for is to make their home look as good as any of the hotel rooms we’ve visited. There’s a reason why hotel rooms are often colour-matched and attractively designed. Whether smaller independent boutique hotels or larger chains, hotels often use interior design experts to decorate their rooms and lobbies.

How to decorate a living room

how to decorate a living room

The living room is one of our obvious focal points in a home. It’s where we gather when we have gatherings and even when it comes to TV and game nights, it’s mostly where you are.

Of course, how you decorate your living room has a lot to do with the space you have available. Where are the sockets and how much space do you have to play with when you place sofas and TV tables.

A rule of thumb for walls and furnishings in the living room is to keep it fairly neutral. All-white walls can be boring, but at the same time it makes things a lot easier if you want to play up your entire register when it comes to other furnishings. Then the focus will be on the sofas, tables and floor in the room.

how to decorate with paintings and posters

One way to add extra life to your living room is to fill the walls with tasteful posters and paintings. Both paintings and posters can be inexpensive, but will provide an incredibly good complementary look that takes your decor to the next level. Be sure to choose posters or paintings that match the decor, they should not take over but only complement.

Interior design tips for men

What is often underestimated in the home is to break up different areas with light. If at all possible, many different light surfaces at different heights should be placed in the home. Think strategically, where do you want to be able to read and how does the lighting affect the mood of the room?

Interior design tips for bedrooms

interior design tips for bedrooms

This is your personal sanctuary. Use colours that make you feel harmonious and relaxed. Don’t go for garish colours that brighten up the room, instead go for earthy and warm colours like beige or green. Go for a subdued and cosy colour scheme on both walls and furnishings.

Classic decorating style

Interior design tips for men

People who have bought their own apartment are particularly keen to have furnishings that will last over time. Classic interiors encompass many different styles and are really difficult to pigeonhole. Many people associate it with classic British furnishings, but it can just as easily include elements of rococo and antique furniture as well as art.

How to decorate a one-room apartment

A common question is how to decorate a one-bedroom and smaller apartments. For this purpose, a little more ingenuity and multifunctional furniture may be required. As you may find yourself lacking special sleeping space in the worst case scenario, special solutions may be needed to provide room for both a bed and a desk.

Fortunately, there are now many different options for those looking for comfortable combinations of sofas that fold out into beds. Smart storage is absolutely essential if there is a lack of space in the apartment.

Use plants and flowers

interior design with plants

What we men are generally bad at is adding flowers and greenery to make it more homely. It doesn’t even have to be about live plants. Nowadays, there are really good options on the market if you want stylish interior plants and flowers in artificial materials. You don’t have to worry about keeping them alive either.

Decorating with paintings

The posters mentioned above are a great tip for bringing your walls to life. By adding artwork and paintings, you can also easily create a more personal home. This is also one of the top tips for those who live in a rental apartment where you can’t change the walls by painting them or putting on new wallpaper.

Summary – interior design tips for men

Interior design is a subject that encompasses many opinions and styles. As with fashion and clothing, it’s ultimately about what you yourself are comfortable with.

If you’re not sure what you want, it can help to draw inspiration from different contexts. What we’d like you to consider in particular is the following:

  • Match the colour scheme of the rooms
  • Have the right colours for different rooms
  • Consider the natural lighting
  • Make use of flowers and greenery
  • Paintings add character to the home
  • Use smart storage
  • Dare to be personal!
  • So it’s also important to think about the natural light in your home when thinking about interior design. Some rooms are very bright on their own and depending on the effect you are going for, you should choose colours accordingly.

You know best what you are aiming for. But as a final word regarding interior design tips for men, we can recommend that you sit down and plan your home before you head out shopping. Otherwise, there’s a risk that you’ll just go in and buy what you think looks good, without thinking about how well the items actually fit into your home.

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