Classic models of Barbour jackets

different models of Barbour jackets

Throughout its long history, Barbour has produced several timeless styles of jackets in wall-green waxed cotton fabric that have become synonymous with what is often referred to as “British Country Clothing”. Here we take you through a brief history of the brand as well as presenting the most iconic Barbour jackets on the market.

At the bottom you will also find tips on how to combine Barbour jackets with other garments and accessories. A classic jacket for anyone who likes British menswear.

J.Barbour and Sons Ltd – Royal Court Supplier

different models of Barbour jackets

J. Barbour and Sons Ltd. is the Royal Court Supplier to the British Royal Family under the category “waterproof and protective clothing”. The first court supply took place in 1974 when Her Majesty the Queen bestowed the honourable title on Barbour.

Since then, both the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales have awarded Barbour the Court Supplier Certificate in 1982 and 1987.

Classic models of jackets from Barbour

During the First and Second World Wars, Barbour supplied clothing to the British Army. In 1936 it started manufacturing motorcycle clothing and there is a separate line dedicated to this called Barbour International. These include the Steve McQueen collection, which belongs to the Jeffries model and pays homage to the great style icons of the 1960s and 1970s.

Most of the most classic styles of jackets from Barbour can still be found under Barbour Lifestyle, which is the cornerstone of the brand’s collections and is based on their most classic and iconic garments.

Among the classic models of jackets from Barbour can be mentioned the following:


Barbour Beaufort

This is a waxed jacket with a roomy fit that has been produced since 1983. It has a manchester fabric collar and Velcro at the sleeve ends for width adjustment.


Barbour Bedale jacket

Bedale is a short model originally made for riding. Launched in 1980, it was designed by Dame Margaret Barbour – as were several of Barbour’s other jackets from this period.


Barbour Ashby

The Ashby is a slimmer version than the Bedale, made from a medium-weight 6oz Sylkoil waxed cotton fabric.


Barbour Liddesdale

This quilted jacket has a manchester fabric collar and a roomy fit. A classic and iconic style from the archive, it is available in a range of colours.


Barbour ogston

The Ogston is thinly lined with wool detailing and corduroy and leather patches on the armholes. A jacket that is popular in British outdoor activities, among others.


Barbour Northumbria

This is a long and roomy model with a storm collar in corduroy and a drop hem.

All these models are available under the Barbour Lifestyle line. The functional garments are designed to last a lifetime – from generation to generation. Most of the styles are also very practical and suitable for a shopping trip in the city, as well as for an outdoor trip in the country.

Newer models of jackets from Barbour

There are also several other stylish models of jackets from Barbour. The brand does not only offer waxed jackets, although these are the most famous ones. Here are some of the stylish models that have been launched in recent years.

different styles of Barbour jackets

Here we have a waxed jacket in the jacket style from Barbour Heritage, the Beacons Sports Jacket. This was worn by Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond in the 2012 film Skyfall.

barbour powell

Among Barbour’s quilted jackets we also find the Powell model with a straight fit that is lined with soft fleece. A light and practical jacket for spring and autumn that is easy to combine with everyday garments.

Jackets from Barbour for summer use

It is mainly within the Barbour International line that we see the biggest news for men’s fashion in spring and summer 2022, as a jacket in thin fabric was launched for last season.

The Barbour Duke is inspired by the motorcycle jacket with four front pockets and a discreet patch across the elbow. However, it is also very reminiscent of Field Jackets, also known as safari jackets. This can be worn with advantage even with a more dressed up style. Not least thanks to the tapered waist.

How to combine Barbour jackets with other garments and accessories

There are few other jackets that go so well with jeans as jackets from Barbour. Chinos also go well with Barbour jackets. In other words, it’s the perfect jacket for off-duty moments.

When it comes to footwear, different types of boots are the obvious choice. Brands like R.M. Williams, Clarks Originals and Dr. Martens are recommended if you want to get the right style with Barbour jackets.

We recommend wearing either zip sweaters or a knitted sweater for the perfect style.

FAQ – Barbour jackets

Are Barbour jackets worth it?

Barbour jackets are definitely worth their price. They are very versatile, high quality jackets that can be used in many contexts.

What Barbour jacket to buy?

There are barbour jackets with many different styles and purposes. The classic Beaufort mid-length jacket is one of the most stylish for everyday use. If you are looking for a more slimmer version of Barbour jackets, the Ashby can be recommended.

Where are Barbour jackets made?

Most of the Barbour jackets are manufactured in their factory in South Sheilds, North East of England. 

Can Barbour jackets be washed?

According to Barbour, their outerwear can be machine or hand-washed at 30 degrees. However, the use of a non-detergent soap is recommended for waterproof breathable garments.

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