7 best leather perfumes on the market

best leather perfumes for men

Anyone who has visited a tannery can attest to the distinctive and masculine scent of leather. However, the scent of leather is not only reserved for clothes, shoes and bags, but also in perfumes the scent is to its advantage and often stands out clearly in comparison with other ingredients. Here we give you the best leather perfumes for men on the market right now.

There is a wide range of leather-infused perfumes on the market. Several of the most popular perfumes on the market have leather notes, but there are also perfumes that are built entirely around leather as a fragrance note, bringing out its unique character. Leather is one of the fragrance notes that is perfect to wear during the winter days.

The Oldest Perfumes That Are Still In Production And Their Original Recipes

Best leather perfumes for men

Below are some of the best leather perfumes for men on the market today.

1. Floris Leather Oud

best leather perfumes for men

Here we have a fragrance that combines the best of both worlds, the luxury of the oud note and strong leather notes in one. Leather Oud is a powerful fragrance inspired by the scent combinations that occur when Floris brings in new fragrance oils to their batches. The oils are then packaged in leather containers and when opened, the scent of leather blends with the oils.

2. Acqua di Parma Leather EdP

best leather fragrances for men

In the Ingredients Collection series at Acqua di Parma, you will find perfumes built around just one main ingredient. Launched in 2019, Leather EdP is clearly one of the best interpretations of leather as a fragrance note on the market. It is a masculine fragrance with strong leather and wood accords that is perfect as an evening scent and for the cooler autumn and winter days.

3. Memo Paris African Leather EdP

best leather perfumes men

MEMO Paris is a perfume house that has many fascinating interpretations of the leather scent note. The unisex African Leather EdP fragrance from 2015 is a very popular perfume and it even has a high rating on the Fragrantica perfume bible. It has top notes of bergamot and vetiver and you’ll also find exotic spice from cardamom, saffron, geranium and cumin. The base notes include woody accords of patchouli and oud. A slightly different yet unique leather fragrance.

4. Tom Ford Ombré Leather EdP

best leather scents for men

Tom Ford is not only known for its exclusive clothes. The perfumes are also of the highest class. When it comes to leather perfumes, the Ombré Leather EdP from 2018 is one of the best versions of leather perfumes you can find on the market. It is a proven exclusive men’s fragrance that is suitable as a party fragrance for the evening. The advantage of this one is also that it is slightly more affordable than several other of the leather fragrances from Tom Ford.

5. Tom Ford – Tuscan Leather

best leather scents for men

Another excellent perfume with leather notes from Tom Ford is the smoky unisex fragrance Tuscan Leather. This is an original fragrance with very strong scent characteristics – just like most of Tom Ford’s exclusive fragrances.

6. Truefitt & Hill – Spanish Leather

If you have a penchant for classic perfumes, Truefitt & Hill’s Spanish Leather Cologne is an excellent choice. Despite being a cologne, it retains its fragrance properties for a very long time – just like most other perfumes from the venerable British brand Truefitt & Hill. Created back in 1814, this is one of the very oldest perfumes on the market that is still in production according to the original recipe.

7. Geo. F. Trumper – Spanish Leather

british cologne men

Another rich British brand with an excellent classic leather scent is Geo. F. Trumper who also has Spanish Leather Cologne in their range. This cologne has also been on the market for a long time. It was launched back in 1902 and is still in the regular range of Geo F. Trumper. This is a warm and sensual fragrance where floral notes of geranium and rose are mixed with musk, leather, vanilla and woody notes. To bring out the leather tone of Spanish Leather, leather is immersed in alcohol which is then fused with the other ingredients.

FAQ – Best leather perfumes for men

What is leather scent?

The leather scent is derived from new leather or tanned leather. Leather scents can be created from leather from a wide range of leather types including, goat leather, calf leather and sheep leather. These leathers are all naturally tanned leather or ‘tawed’ – which means they have been treated with natural substances such as acacia tree bark, mimosa tree root, myrobalan fruits, sumac, oak and cade oil to preserve leather from decay.

Which are the best leather perfume for him?

There are many great leather perfumes on the market right now. One of our favourites is Floris Leather Oud, which is a blend of exclusive oud notes and leather.

Which are the best leather perfumes for her?

Many of the perfumes being made right now are unisex, which means that both women and men can use them. One of our favourite unisex leather perfumes is Memo Paris African Leather EdP.

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