Zero Halliburton Celebrates Its Role In NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission

cases used to carry lunar samples back from the historic mission to the moon Limited Edition Apollo 11 50th Anniversary
Zero Halliburton, the iconic travel brand whose cases were used to carry lunar samples back from the historic mission to the moon, introduces its Limited Edition Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Technical Cases.

As the case of choice to carry back samples from NASA’s historic mission to the moon, Zero Halliburton has been synonymous with legendary strength and protection for more than 80 years. Today, the iconic American brand commemorates the 50th anniversary of one of the most remarkable moments in human history – and its own role in support of this achievement, with the introduction of the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Technical Cases and a new digital campaign entitled, “Precious Cargo.”

Technical Cases

Inspired by the same cases NASA’s Apollo 11 mission used to carry moon rocks back to earth and designed from Zero Halliburton’s top-selling camera cases, the new limited edition pieces are durable, secure and flawlessly crafted to provide the ultimate protection.

Offered in a choice of small or medium size, the technical cases are made from deep-drawn aluminum to ensure strength without extra weight and lined with thick, customizable foam to keep contents safely in place.

cases used to bring back materia from apollo 11 moon trip
Picture: Zero Halliburton

Each is tastefully engraved with the official NASA Apollo 11 50th Anniversary logo and supplied with a matching embroidered baseball hat and dust bag.  The small and medium Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Technical Cases are available in a limited quantity of 50 each for $525 and $595 respectively.

Precious Cargo

Created as a five-part web series, “Precious Cargo” tells the stories behind Apollo 11’s assignment to successfully return lunar samples to the earth and how Zero Halliburton’s reputation for manufacturing high-quality, airtight travel cases resulted in a remarkable opportunity to support the historic mission to the moon.

From the unique accommodations required of a lunar sample case, to the special tools used to comb through the moon’s surface, “Precious Cargo” offers a glimpse of the lesser known packing details of humankind’s most profound trip.  In celebration of the Apollo 11 50th anniversary, new episodes will be introduced at throughout June and July.

About Zero Halliburton

Founded in 1938 by American industrialist Erle P. Halliburton, Zero Halliburton is the pioneer of premium aluminum travel cases. Zero Halliburton’s iconic cases are sold in store, online, and at select third-party retailers.

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