Defining moments by Ermenegildo Zegna

The Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna has now released the second part of Defining Moments, a series where actor Robert De Niro together with a guest discusses which moments in life have defined or influenced them most in their lives. Beside this, we also get the chance to see some of the key pieces from the latest collection from Zegna.

It’s a really interesting thought when you think about it. In our history, we can often point to individual events that have played a crucial role in us being in where we are today. It may be that we happened to be in a special place to witness a great achievement in sports or an outstanding concert by a world performer. It may also be something more unassuming, where everything has just fallen into place. In a moment of inspiration, we have found our place in life and a goal to aim for.

That’s what’s so interesting about life. You never know what’s waiting around the corner. Although it may be fun to look back and see how different events have formed us as human beings, it is still the future that is the most exciting part when thinking about the term “defining moments”.

You can never know what the person you met for a spontaneous lunch will bring to your life. Life is filled with different events that are impossible to predict and it may be precisely this day that is crucial for how our lives will look in the future. The best way to influence life in the right direction and create the best conditions to get the best out of life is to take on the challenges and meet new people in new contexts.

In this episode of Defining Moments it is dancer Benjamin Millepied who shares his most crucial moments in life. Watch the video below.

By entering the website you can share your own story for a chance to win an exclusive suit from Zegna.

Here are some inspirational pictures form the latest collection from Zegna:

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