Become charismatic by taking these personal traits into consideration

Become charismatic

How do you become charismatic? What does the word charisma mean and what does it mean to be charismatic? Often the term is described with words as “Personal Radiance” and charm. While being charismatic often means that a person is good at convincing people and skilled at getting his ideas through.

Charisma always has its foundation in the interaction with other people. It is often difficult to put the finger on what actually makes a person perceived as charismatic. Above all, charisma is a highly subjective interpretation. The expression itself is also not necessarily associated with positive personalities or attributes. Throughout history, people like Hitler have been called charismatic for his ability to convince others.

All of us have met people who we perceive as charismatic. People that have made a strong impression on us. It could be everything from coworkers to celebrities. They have that special something that affects us on a deeper level. Often, words such as aura, authority, and magnetism are used to describe these people.

Consequently, you could explain charisma as a person’s ability to influence other people on all levels – both at the physical, emotional and intellectual level. When it comes to attraction, it’s the beautiful, sensual and sexual that are the keywords. Charm, however, is not just about how someone looks. It is also a matter of how a person uses his body, his voice and his facial expressions.

While it can be difficult to specifically say what characteristics are the most important among charismatic people, there are certain characteristics that are found in people that are called charismatic. Exceptional talent evokes admiration among most of us. Another important feature is the energy level of a person. Passion, conviction and charm are keywords connected to charisma as an expression. Enthusiastic people with passion are often admired and get to influence people around them.

The courageous are another group of people who are often admired. Among many youngsters nowadays it seems as if a cocky attitude is admired, while other people admire a more restrained and humble character more.

Therefore it’s not clear what should be improved in order to become charismatic as a person. However, most researchers familiar with the subject agree that we all can improve our skills in order to become charismatic. We are all born with different abilities and sometimes it may seem unfair that some people seem to born charismatic.

In the long run it could, however, be a good thing not to born with certain abilities. It has been found that success often is dependent upon personal qualities such as stubbornness, rather than innate talent. What creates the best conditions for success in the long run is having a clear goal and a strategy for what to improve in order to reach the goals. Without strategic work ethic no-one will reach their goals, no matter the amount of talent. 

The following things should be taken into consideration to create the best conditions for becoming more charismatic:

  1. The body language
  2. The use of the voice
  3. Confidence (healthy thoughts)
  4. The art of persuasion 
  5. The appearance (self respect)

We will examine these points in detail a little later here on the blog. There is much that can be done to develop as a person, also with regard to charisma and the characteristics that apply to this term.

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